Vietnam's Consumer Market Has Huge Growth Potential
Consumer Goods & Services Industry Analysis

Vietnam’s Consumer Market Has Huge Growth Potential

Vietnam’s per capita GDP was only USD 2,540 in 2018, which was less than one third of China’s and lower than that of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. However, Vietnamese people spend little on housing, education and medical services and have low savings rate, making consumption as the major driver of economic growth. According to CRI, consumption is a major contributor to Vietnam’s GDP. Household consumption is closely related to final consumption expenditure. Since 1995, final consumption expenditure has been accounting for more than 70% of Vietnam’s GDP,…

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Advantages of Vietnamese Manufacturing over Chinese Manufacturing
Industry Analysis Manufacturing

Advantages of Vietnamese Manufacturing over Chinese Manufacturing

CRI’s market survey shows that Vietnamese manufacturing has the following advantages over Chinese manufacturing. 1. Preferential Policies on Taxes and Foreign Investment (1) Advantages of Bonded Zones The Vietnamese government has approved the establishment of several bonded zones. The products manufactured by enterprises established in these bonded zones are exempt from tariffs and value added tax. Enterprises established in the bonded zones are exempted from corporate income tax in the first profit-making years and enjoy reduction in corporate income tax in the following two years. There are also more preferential…

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logistics-Refrigerated Sea Transportation Market
Business & Finance Industry Analysis

2018 Top 10 Business Foreigners Can Invest in Vietnam

No. 1 Home furniture Making and Remodeling: Home furniture making is a great business because nearly every office or home you step into offers one furniture piece or the additional. Asides that, a whole lot of businesses and businessmen far away source for home furniture from Vietnam that they take to their countries for resale. Since Vietnam is a favorite place to resource for furniture among furniture importers in a number of countries, it won’t hurt to create your own furniture building company. It doesn’t actually matter in the event…

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Export Value of Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industry Exceeded USD 30 Billion , 2017

The export value of Vietnamese textile and garment industry is expected to reach USD 31 billion, up by 10.2% YOY, due to the breakthroughs of the industry in 2017. However, according to CRI, garment raw materials and equipment still depend heavily on import for the industry chain is not perfect. But Vietnamese textile industry still has its own advantages such as government favorable policies, low labor costs, high education level, low prices of land and energy. Although TPP did not come into effect in 2017, the new FTAs have been…

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New Policy of Automobile Industry Would Be Implemented in Vietnam from Jan.1, 2018

According to CRI’s information from the Vietnamese government, the new policy of automobile production and sales would be implemented in Vietnam from Jan. 1, 2018. The main contents include: (1) Imported cars from ASEAN are exempted from import duty, but more than 40% of auto parts should be manufactured in ASEAN. (2) The import tax of parts of passenger vehicles with less than9 seats is cut to zero, but assembly plants are in demand in Vietnam. Also, the assembly volume of passenger vehicles (with less than 9 seats and smaller…

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Food & Beverage

Export Value of Coffee from Vietnam Reached USD 3.21 Billion, 2017

According to CRI’s information from the Vietnamese government, the export volume of Vietnamese coffee was about 1.42 million tons in 2017. The export value reached USD 3.21 billion. Germany and the U.S. are the first two major export destinations of Vietnamese coffee. Many years ago, Major agricultural exports from Vietnam were rice, rubber, etc. In recent years, however, traditional products such as rice have been overshadowed by coffee with the rapid increase of coffee export. Coffee planting industry in Vietnam started 150 years ago, with coffee trees introduced by French…

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