Work with us

1. standard reports

Just buy it online! we will provide after-sale services, mainly Q & A.

2. Custom research

  1. initial discussion
  2. specify research outline
  3. assignment
  4. project planning
  5. project execution
  6. customer review
  7. customer acceptance
  8. project finalization
  9. after-sale service
  10. update service (need additional fees)

3. Partnerships


To become a distributor of CRI, you should

1. Have your own website to put our products online;

2. Agree with Terms & Conditions of CRI to Customers;

3. Have a registered company and office;

4. Have a sales team to distribute our reports;

And CRI will provide you

1. TOC, sample, newsletter and such materials for marketing;

2. Nonscheduled discounts for our reports;

3. The same level customer services with CRI’s customer to your customer;

Now, if you are eligible to our requirements and interested in our offers, please send required information to



If you are an organization or a company engaged in market research publishing and you feel like to distribute your reports/services through our channels, you can

1. Give us an introduction, a website is preferred;

2. Send us a sample to make sure you have the qualifications and experiences in certain fields;

3. Pleasesend required information to


For freelancer, we should get more information to make sure you have exact experiences and qualifications, so a resume is preferred. And we will contact you if we confirm your resume is qualified. Please also send your resume to