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Industry Consultant for IPO, M&A and Other Projects

We help clients, sponsors and other working groups to quickly understand the industry and rationally divide the business.

As an industry expert & consultant and an observer of the industrial economy, CRI has been focusing on market research in the past ten years. Our team pays attention to computer, economic and human development. Using advanced knowledge management systems and concepts to form an internal closed-loop industry knowledge base, our working team can efficiently and accurately grasp the latest developments in a single segment.

Researching the industry is essentially a collection of people's behaviors in the industry. Therefore, CRI actively studies China's unique national conditions, uses industrial economic knowledge in a timely manner, establishes flexible and variable mathematical calculation models, and pays attention to the opinions of industry experts.

Macro Analysis

GDP, resident disposable income, urbanization level, and other relevant macro indicators

Industry Analysis

Industrial policy, industry scale, industry characteristics, competition pattern, industry chain, industry driving force, etc.

Niche Markets

Market segment status, market segment characteristics, competition pattern, development space, etc.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor rankings, Competitor revenue, Competitor strategy, Competitor business, Competitor market share, etc.

50 K+

Enterprise data storage


Expert think tank


Industry segment research


Successful IPO cases

Industry Consulting Services

CRI provides free consulting services to companies, sponsors and other agencies before formally assigned.

Industry Advisor for Financing Projects

Acting as an industry consultant in financing projects, such as pre-IPO financing, IPO, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Industry Advisor for Non-financing Projects

Acting as an industry consultant for non-financial projects, such as general market research, business management consulting services

Other Consulting Services

Other types of consulting services, such as assistance in applying for various licenses, assistance in applying for subsidies in line with policies, etc.

Selected Successful IPO Cases

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