Reseller or Distributor Partnerships with CRI

Ahout Partnerships With CRI

CRI is a market research provider located in Shanghai, China.  We publish 100+ market research reports in major industries in China. We are also open to custom research projects. You can also visit our Chinese website:

Nowadays, CRI has many distributing partners all over the world. We are always open to new partnerships. Looking forward to working with you!

To become a distributor of CRI, you should

1. Have your own website to put our products online;

2. Agree with Terms & Conditions of CRI to Customers;

3. Have a registered company and office;

4. Have a sales team to distribute our reports;

And CRI will provide you

1. TOC, sample, newsletter and such materials for marketing;

2. Nonscheduled discounts for our reports;

3. The same level customer services with CRI’s customer to your customer;

Now, if you are eligible to our requirements and interested in our offers, please send fill the form to contact us.

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