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China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (Abbr. CRI) is an independent market research provider. Our research involves in the service industry including medical & healthcare, conference & exhibition, chains & retail, auto aftermarket and construction industry, etc. and the manufacture industry including energy, chemicals, machinery, textiles & apparel, pharmaceuticals, electronics, auto, food & drinks, packaging, etc.

CRI provides customized industry research services for initial public offerings, corporate mergers and acquisitions, business development, market launch and financing for clients varying from private companies to the government entities.

IPO team of CRI specially provider industry research for enterprises preparing listing. Our service includes business analysis, industry chain analysis, industry positioning, etc. CRI served several Chinese companies for listing and restructuring in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, 5 of which successfully completed the IPO.

The information contained in the CRI Report was derived from data and intelligence collected from various sources which include but not limited to government and regulatory statistics, industry association reports and data and data obtained from interviews with manufacturers, distributors, experts and customers in related sectors.

Our custom research mainly serves IPO, M&A, initial market launching, market planning, segement marketing, etc. We also provide Commercial Due Diligence as clients request, mainly covers Food, Hotel, Fashion & Leisure, Laser & Automation, logistics, etc.

Our Business:

Industry research

CRI also customs reports as clients request. The cost is higher than purchasing a multi-user report but the contents are more specialized.

Regional market research

CRI also customs reports of certain regional markets, e.g. Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Clients may formulate development plans regarding regional market research reports for the different economical, political and social environments.

Competitor research

For designated products of competitors and their marketing & sales strategies, CRI also provides research plans to our clients.

Consumer research

Consumers’ behaviors, e.g. age, revenue level, influencing factors, are also customizable for CRI.

Business plan

BP is an important document before investing. CRI advises and assists clients in their business plan.

Feasibility study

Governments or agencies require a feasibility study to value the project invested. The study must considering the policies, economy, environment protection, etc. The study must be provided by a third party agency like CRI.

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