scrap vehicle disposal
Automobile Industry Analysis

Number of Scrap Vehicles in China Exceeded 7 Million by 2020

The Chinese government provides that a vehicle should be sent to a qualified enterprise for dismantling and scrapping when it runs for 600,000 kilometers. And scrap vehicles’ engines, steering gear, transmission, front and rear axles and frame are forbidden to be sold illegally and should be recycled as scrap metal. The vehicle owner can get the residual value of the recycled scrap metal. However, this provision is poorly enforced. According to CRI analysis, vehicle consumption becomes increasingly popular in China with the development of economy and increase of income. China…

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Consumer Goods & Services Industry Analysis

China will import a considerable number of condoms

According to CRI, residents’ demand for living qualities keeps rising with the development of China’s economy. Functions of condoms expand from mere contraception to prevention of STDs and improving the quality of sex life. The Chinese government loosened control over condom industry in 2002, which gained rapid development afterwards. Annual production volume of condoms was merely about 1 billion in 1995 while the number exceeded 10 billion in China in 2020. Apart from satisfying the domestic demand, condoms produced in China are largely exported to Hong Kong, South Africa, Russia,…

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Automobile radiator
Automobile Industry Analysis

China Exported 23.9 Million Automotive Radiators in 2019

Automobile radiator is one of the most important components within the engine cooling system. The performance of a radiator has a direct influence on heat dissipation, dynamic property, economic efficiency, reliability, and even normal operation and driving safety. Increased production volume and penetration of automobiles across the world lead to growing demand of whole-vehicle manufacturing and aftermarket for automobile radiators. According to CRI analysis, with economic globalization and fierce competition in the industry, global automobile industry experienced a significant change in the past decades. For automobile radiator manufacturers in China,…

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incidence of thrombopenia
Industry Analysis Medical & Healthcare

Sales Value of Recombinant Human Thrombopoietin Reached CNY 1257 Million in China

In recent years, the incidence of thrombopenia in China keeps increasing. Thrombopenia is often seen in hematologic diseases such as primary immune thrombopenia, leukemia and aplastic anemia as well as in connective tissue diseases, liver diseases and tumor chemotherapy. Thrombopenia may also be congenital or drug induced. Primary immune thrombopenia is a clinically common hemorrhagic disease, accounting for 1/3 of hemorrhagic diseases. The annual incidence of primary immune thrombopenia is 5/100,000 to 10/100,000. The number of patients with thrombopenia in China is increasing by over 100,000 every year. Research shows…

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