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Analysis of China’s Pork Industry Chain

China is the world’s largest pork producer and consumer, and the huge pork consumer market has also cultivated a complete pork industry chain. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, China contributed 48% of the production and 50% of the consumption of 110 million tons of pork in the world in 2017. China’s per capita annual pork consumption is also significantly higher than the world average. The pork industry chain can be divided into three major business segments, namely upstream pig breeding, midstream slaughter and downstream meat product…

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Analysis on Pork Output and Import Volume and Pig Slaughter Volume

China is the largest pork consumer in the world. International pork producers providing better pork at lower cost aim at China’s pork market, for there are a large number of pork consumers and domestic pork prices have no advantage. Import volume of pork soared since 2016. According to statistics from China Customs, total import volume of pork reached 1,620,000 tons and increased by 108% YOY in 2016, hitting a record high. Annual pork consumption is above 50 million tons in China. Demand for hogs varies as season changes. Generally speaking,…

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