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Automotive IC Market Predicated to Grow at 18.5% in 2018

Considering system monitoring and control, safety, ADAS, convenience and the growth of autonomous driving, in 2018, the IC market is expected to grow at a rate of 18.5%. Related report: Consumer demand and government requirements for electronic systems lift up vehicle performance and increase comfort and convenience. Giving warning, identifying problems and taking corrective actions will keep drivers safe and alert. The growth of systems and the increase in the price of memory components are expected to increase the auto IC market by 18.5% this year, which will hit…

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Industry Analysis Telecoms & Computing

Development Status of China’s Regional Integrated Circuit Industries and Policy Collection

The recent ban on sales to ZTE has drawn wide public attention to the development status of the integrated circuit industry in various regions. The rise of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and internet of things have made China one of the world’s most important chip markets. In 2017, the sales value of the IC industry reached CNY 541.13 billion, increasing by 24.8% YOY. The IC manufacturing industry grew fastest, with the growth of 28.5% YOY in 2017, and the sales value amounted to CNY 144.81 billion. The design…

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