Latin America Mobile Device Management (MDM) Market (2018-2023)



Latin America mobile device management (MDM) market

Mobile device management (MDM) is a security software which is usually used by the information technology (IT) department of any company to manage, secure and monitor the different devices of employees. These devices are deployed across various mobile service providers. It comprises a range of products and services that help the organization to allow and support different applications in personal mobile devices. The Latin American MDM market is expected to reach USD 0.51 Bn by 2023 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.22% during 2018-2023.
The market is divided into three primary segments based on solutions, deployment and end users.

Based on solutions, the market is segmented into device management, application management, security management and network service management. The device management of this region is expected to have the largest market share. It is estimated to grow from USD 0.06 Bn in the year 2018 to USD 0.19 Bn in the year 2023 with a CAGR of 27.59%.
Based on deployment, the market is divided into cloud and on-premise. The on-premise deployment market is expected to have a larger share and is estimated to grow from USD 0.10 Bn in 2018 to USD 0.27 Bn in 2023 with a CAGR of 21.97%.
Based on end users, the market is classified into banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), telecommunication, retail and healthcare. Healthcare will have a major market share and will rise from USD 0.07 Bn in 2018 to USD 0.20 Bn in 2023. The CAGR will be around 23.68%.

Key growth factors

The Latin American MDM market has seen a shift in the usage of technology as employees have moved from traditional devices to smart devices. Mobile device usage by employees continues to expand. Therefore, organizations are adopting and investing in MDM solutions and services to manage IT applications. This is increasing the mobility and efficiency of the organization in a secured manner. People can access business information from any location they want, even in device of their own choice. This has made both the company and the employee more productive as people are more comfortable in working on their own devices. The Latin American market is in the initial phases of acceptance of MDM compared to other regions of the world such as North America and Europe, which presents opportunities for new entrants, investments, and mergers and acquisitions (M&As) to increase their offers.

Threats and key players

When dedicated MDM solutions are implemented by an organization in an attempt to nurture a bring your own device (BYOD) environment, this can often hinder the productivity or fluidity of the work which is being carried out on the devices. As the market is new, companies are still not sure about adopting these kind pf solutions. Moreover, the cost is very high.

What’s covered in the report?

1. Overview of the Latin American MDM learning market.
2. Market drivers and challenges of the Latin American MDM market.
3. Market trends in the Latin American MDM market.
4. Historical, current and forecasted market size data for the segment based on solutions.
5. Historical, current and forecasted market size data for the segment based on deployment.
6. Historical, current and forecasted market size data for the segment based on end users.
7. Analysis of the company profiles of major competitors operating in the market.

Why buy?

1. Understand the demand for MDM to determine the viability of the market.
2. Identify the challenge areas and address them.
3. Develop strategies based on the drivers, trends and highlights.
4. Recognize the key competitors of this market and respond accordingly.
5. Knowledge of the initiatives and growth strategies taken by the major companies and decide the direction of further growth.
6. Define the competitive positioning by comparing the products and services compared with the key players in the market.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive summary

1.1. Market scope and segmentation
1.2. Key questions answered in this study
1.3. Executive summary – Latin America

Chapter 2: Latin America MDM market – market overview

– Overview
– Drivers
– Challenges
– Trends
– Historical revenue(2015-2017)
– Forecasted revenue(2018-2023)

Chapter 3: Latin America segment overview

3.1. Latin America segment overview – bases on solutions – revenue, CAGR, write-up
3.1.a. Latin America segment overview – based on solutions: regional share (2023F)
3.2. Latin America segment overview – based on deployment – revenue, CAGR, write-up
3.2.a. Latin America segment overview – based on deployment: regional share (2023F)
3.3. Latin America segment overview – based on end-users – revenue, CAGR, write-up
3.3.a. Latin America segment overview – bases on end users: regional share (2023F)

Chapter 4: Competitive landscape

4.1. Airwatch
– Company snapshot
– Products/services
– Strategic initiatives
– Geographical presence
– Key people
– Competitors
– Key numbers
4.2. MobileIron
4.3. IBM Corporation
4.4. SAP SE
4.5. Microsoft Corporation

Chapter 5: Conclusion and outlook

5.1. Conclusion
– Assumptions
– List of tables
– Research and methodology
– About Netscribes Inc.

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