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Growing Demand for Aerospace & Defense Across the Globe is Expected to Boost the Demand for Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) Market During the Forecast Period 2027

Explosive Trace Detection ETD Market Forecast

The explosive trace detection (ETD) market is projected to register a CAGR of 9.8% between 2021 and 2027. Explosive trace detection (ETD) systems are systems that are employed for the detection of small-magnitude explosives. These systems first acquire the microscopic residues or trace quantity of particulates of explosive material and then analyze them. Explosive trace detection (ETD) systems are employed for a wide range of applications across several verticals, including aviation, port & border defense, and urban security.

The rising number of terrorist activities worldwide, the growing need for stricter security checks, and technological advancements in aviation security systems are primarily driving the market’s growth. The increasing defense expenditure is also contributing to the growth of the global market. The terrorist attacks across the globe have been increasing over the last few years. This has also increased the demand for advanced systems and solutions to counter these attacks. Likewise, this has increased the demand for ETD systems. These systems help the civil and defense authorities prevent any accidents related to explosives.

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Market USP

Increasing need for enhanced explosive trace detection (ETD) systems

Explosive Trace DetectionSegmental Analysis

By Technology

The chemiluminescence (CL)segment is expected to account for a significant market share during the forecast period:The chemiluminescence (CL) segment is forecasted to register substantial growth and account for a considerable market share during the forecast period. These systems are usually portable and are easy to use.Additionally, these can collect up to three samples in a minute, and thus, have an excellent throughput rate. Furthermore, these systems do not utilize a radioactive ionizing source, and therefore, the hassle involved with paperwork and regulations associated with their radioactive ionizing source-based counterparts can be avoided.

The ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) segment is anticipated to witness a significant growth rate:Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) segment is expected to grow considerably during the forecast period.These systems are moderately priced and are operable under ambient conditions. The ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) systemscan be operated in a swipe (particulate) and/or vapor detection mode(s).

The mass spectrometry (MS) segment accounted for a considerable market share in 2020:The mass spectrometry (MS) segment held a significant market share in 2020.Mass spectrometry (MS) is a mature explosive trace detection technology and is a powerful laboratory technique when it comes to chemical analysis, particularly for compound identification.

The thermo-redox segment generated significant revenues in 2020:The thermo-redox segment generated substantial revenue in 2020. The demand for such systems can be ascribed to their compact design, portability, and ease of use. These systems weigh under or around 3 kg and can analyze up to three samples per minute. Additionally, these are ready to operate within one minute of power-up.

The surface acoustic wave (SAW) segment is likely to register significant growth:The surface acoustic wave (SAW) segment is expected to register substantial growth in the coming years during the forecast period. These systems are about the size of a briefcase, and therefore, are easily portable. These have capabilities to detect chemicals other than explosives. However, they can only be used for vapor sampling methods.

The chemical reagents segment held a significant market share in 2020:The chemical reagents accounted for a considerable market share in 2020. The chemical reagent-based (color change) explosive trace detection systems weigh less than a few kilograms and are very simple to use. However, the instructions of use must be followed precisely to get the correct results. These systems are relatively cheaper, and a single system can be used for performing 50 tests.

The ultraviolet fluorescence segment generated significant revenues in 2020:the ultraviolet fluorescence segment accounted for significant revenues in 2020. These systems are easily portable as they are hand-held scanners with long cable wires attached to the processing unit. The scanned area is relatively smaller, and the detector must be within 1 inch of the scanned object.

By System Type

The portable segment is expected to witness considerable growth in the market: The portable segment is anticipated to have significant growth in the coming years, owing to itssmall, light, and compact design. In general,such systems are easy to operate and require only a few hours of training.

The semi-portable segment held a significant market share in 2020: The semi-portable segment accounted for a considerable market share in 2020. Much of this can be ascribed to the growing demand for public safety & security applications. The semi-portable ETD systems weigh more than portable systems but less than their fixed-site counterparts. These can be easily moved by two people and are not small enough to be easily carried in the trunk of a police car.

The fixed-site segment is forecasted to account for a significant share during the forecast period: The fixed-site segment is expected to grow at a notable rate and accounts for a considerable market share in the coming years during the study period. These are usually very heavy and large and include large baggage screening systems and personnel portals.The proliferation of airports and increased focus on airport safety & security are expected to propel their demand during the study period.

By Application

The commercial segment is likely to witness significant growth in the market: The commercial segment is likely to grow at a significant rate. The rising concerns related to safety & security levels at crowded places, including airports, and retail markets arethe primary factors propelling the commercial demand for ETD systems worldwide. Other sectors, such as logistics, banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI), are also responsible for the growing demand for such systems.

The military & defense segment accounted for a considerable share in 2020: The military & defense segment held a substantial share in the global explosive trace detection (ETD) market.This can be attributed to the growing number of terrorist activities around the world and increased spending towards border security by the governments.

Key Players Operating in the Global Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) market:


    • Smiths Detection Group Ltd. (UK)


    • L3Harris Technologies, Inc. (US)


    • OSI Systems, Inc. (US)


    • Nuctech Company Limited (China)


    • Teledyne FLIR LLC (US)


    • Chemring Group PLC (UK)


    • Analogic Corporation (US)


    • Leidos Holdings, Inc. (US)


    • American Innovations, Inc. (US)


    • Biosensor Applications Sweden AB (Sweden)


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