Research Report on Service Robot Industry in China, 2017-2021


The total sales volume of service robots exceeded 40,000 and that of personal together with household ones exceeded 5 million in the globe in 2015.




Service robots are applied in non-manufacturing industries to serve people. They can be divided into personal, household and professional service robots by usage. Service robots are widely used in multiple fields such as home nursing, medical, logistics, cleaning, security, rescue, guardianship and military.

In contrast to industrial robots, service robots are closer to common consumers so the client groups are more extensive. Service robots possess similar properties to durable goods such as electronic and household appliance products. The service spots are diversified so service robots are rich both in varieties and functions accordingly. From this perspective, the market space of service robots is more extensive than that of industrial robots.

Labor costs in developed countries rise increasingly, and young people tend to be more reluctant to engage in low-end jobs such as cleaning, nursing and security. The insufficiency of such simple labors leads to huge market space for service robots.

With the improvement of economy and resident income, many people can afford purchasing service robots for household cleaning.

The global aging population results in a lot of problems and the demand of residents grows for social security, household services and nursing so service robots possess large development space as a favorable solution.

The upgrading of intelligent robots speeds up with more functions while the costs decline for the development of computers and microchips, which promotes the progress of the service robot industry.

The total sales volume of service robots exceeded 40,000 and that of personal together with household ones exceeded 5 million in the globe in 2015. Currently, there are hundreds of enterprises involved in the service robot field in the world. Among them, iRobot focuses on household service robots, Intuitive Surgical focuses on medical robots, Aldebaran SAS provides professional personal robots while Boston Dynamics mainly develops military robots. In recent years, giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Ali, Foxconn and Softbank started the layout in the service robot field for strategic advantages.

The information technology will deeply integrate with the service robot manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, service robots are expected to become a new generation of intelligent terminals as emerging consumption hotspots after computers and mobile phones.

Chinese government issued a series of supporting policies for the development of the service robot industry. In January 2015, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the Promotion Plan for Deep Integration of Informationization and Industrialization in Raw Material Industry (2015-2018) to support the development of the robot industry. In May 2015, the State Council issued specific plan of Made in China 2025, in which service robots play a significant role.

According to the history of the service robot industry, unmanned planes, iRobots and education robots will take the lead in development. The domestic robot industry develops rapidly in China presently and a number of local enterprises emerge such as Ecovacs, Xrobot and BONA. Education robot brands such as UBTECH and UNISROBO spring up with the accelerating industrialization as well.

In general, the service robot market is expected to maintain high-speed development in the next few years. Meanwhile, investment opportunities exist for investors in various related industries to the service robot industry chain.


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