Thailand Functional Drinks Market Outlook 2030: Industry Insights & Opportunity Evaluation, 2019-2030


Functional drink is a drink that uses substances required by the human body to render specific health benefits.



Thailand Functional Drinks Market by Type (Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks, Nutraceutical Drinks, Dairy-based Beverages, Juices, Enhanced Water and Others); By Distribution Channel (Departmental Stores, Supermarket, Medical Stores, Online Stores and Others); By Ingredients (Antioxidants, Minerals, Amino Acids, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Vitamins, Super-fruit Extracts, Botanical Flavors and Others); By Function (Health & Wellness, Energy & Rejuvenation, Weight Management, Hydration and Others) – Analysis of market share, size & trends for 2016-19 and forecasts to 2030
Product Overview
Functional drink is a drink that uses substances required by the human body to render specific health benefits. Some of them contain ingredients that revitalize drinkers, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, nootropics, amino acids, or other crude fruit or greens. The growth in public health awareness has contributed to a rational decision by disowning carbonated drinks. Many beverages have an intrinsic function of some kind, whether they are water hydration or vitamin C content. Nevertheless, functional beverages are drinks with positive effects on health beyond their nutritional value that influence more than one area in the body or mind to enhance health and well-being.
Market Highlights
Thailand Functional Drinks Market is anticipated to reach USD XXXX Million by 2030 from USD XXXX Million in 2019 growing at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period. The Functional Drinks market is expected to grow on the back of the following reasons. A rapidly increasing functional drinks market is driven by the customers who want to certain benefits directly from their foods and beverages. The strong demand for functional beverages is a consequence of simple bottle material, size, form, and presentation, along with the ease of delivery and storage of the cooled and stable goods. However, it is necessary to add in beneficial ingredients in functional drinks like antioxidants, dietary fibers, prebiotics, proteins, peptides, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, valuable nutrients, and bioactive compounds.
Thailand Functional Drinks Market: Segments
Revitalizing Sports Drinks
Thailand Functional Drinks Market is segmented by type into energy drinks, sports drinks, nutraceutical drinks, dairy-based beverages, juices, enhanced water and others. Among these, the sports drink segment dominated the functional drinks market with a market share of XX% in 2019 and is expected to grow at highest CAGR in the market over the projected duration as sports drinks tend to regenerate and hydrate the entire body optimally with vital fluid depleted while working out and engaging in sports.
Thailand Functional Drinks Market: Market Dynamics
Growing Online Trade
The convenient accessibility to functional drinks on different platforms, from modern businesses to online distribution outlets, has contributed to regional market growth. In addition, the growth of the demand for functional drinks has increased with the expansion of retail sales. Moreover, it was easy for customers to purchase these drinks on online sites without any physical restriction.
Increasing Health Awareness
With Covid-19 being declared as National Health Emergency by the World Health Organization, people all across the globe are thriving to improve their immunity system in order to prevent the occurrence of the disease. This has, in turn, increased the demand for functional drinks as people are more conscious and aware of the health benefits offered by functional drinks.
High-priced Functional Beverages
Since these functional beverages are made from natural and organic substance, they are highly priced. Moreover, the hype created by the product, increased consumer sophistication and disruptions in supply chain along with increased demand, push the price up of functional drinks which may hamper the growth of the market.

Key Players
· Ajinomoto Calpis Beverage Co. Ltd.
Company overview
Business Strategy
Key Product Offerings
Financial Performance
Key Performance Indicators
Risk Analysis
Recent Development
Regional Presence
SWOT Analysis
· Boon Rawd Brewery Co Ltd.
· Osotspa Co. Ltd.
· Thai Beverage Plc.
· Tipco Foods Plc.
· T.C. Union Global Plc.
· Others

Thailand Functional Drinks Market Report also contains an analysis on:
· Thailand Functional Drinks Market by segment:
• By Type
Energy Drinks
Sports Drinks
Nutraceutical Drinks
Dairy-based Beverages
Enhanced Water
• By Distribution Channel
Departmental Stores
Medical Stores
Online Stores
• By Ingredients
Amino Acids
Super-fruit Extracts
Botanical Flavors
• By Functions
Health & Wellness
Energy & Rejuvenation
Weight Management
· Thailand Functional Drinks Market Size
· Thailand Functional Drinks Market Dynamics
· Supply and Demand
· Current Issues/trends/challenges
· Competition and Companies Involved in the Market
· Value Chain of the Market
· Market Drivers and Restraints

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