Status Quo of China Robot System Integration Industry

Robotic system integrators are the main force in China’s robot market, however, they are mostly of tiny scale, have low annual output and are under the pressure of great competition. According to the relevant data, by September, 2014, there were 428 Chinese robotic enterprises and the system integrators accounted for 88% of these enterprises. At present, most domestic integrators are of small scale with sales revenue less than CNY 100 million. The enterprises become the leader of this industry if their sales revenue exceeds CNY 500 million, let alone those with sales revenue over CNY 1 billion.

Industrial Robot System Integration has the Following Features at the Present Stage:

  1. Bulk Copy Incapable

It is hard to realize 100% bulk copy since there is no standard in system integration projects and each project is unique.

  1. Related Techniques Needed

It is necessary to be familiar with the techniques of the downstream industry such as reprogramming and deploying because robot system integration is a secondary developed product.

  1. Professionals Needed

Talent is the core competitiveness of the robotic system integrators. Robotic system integrators are actually the asset-light order-oriented engineering service providers whose core assets are salesmen, project engineers and installation and debugging personnel.

  1. Payment on Account Needed

The general payment of the robot system integration industry is the “361” or “3331” mode, in the procedure of which the robotic system integrators usually need payment on account.



Research Report on Service Robot Industry in China, 2017-2021

The total sales volume of service robots exceeded 40,000 and that of personal together with household ones exceeded 5 million in the globe in 2015.

Research Report on China Industrial Robot Industry, 2015-2019

Industrial robot is an intelligent manipulator which combines the advanced technologies in machinery, electronics, controlling, computer, sensor and artificial intelligence.


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