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Status Quo and Investment of China Optical Communication Industry

In 2016, the fixed asset investment of China’s telecommunication industry reached CNY 435 billion, among which the investment in mobile communication were CNY 235.5 billion. The fixed asset investment of telecommunication industry kept growing steadily since 2013. By the second half year of 2015, the investment of optical communication increased rapidly, up by 15% YOY. In 2016, there was a slight decline in the fixed asset investment of telecommunication industry.

As cloud computing develops rapidly, the demand for large bandwidth of IDC drives the rapid growth of optical communication. In terms of the server access in IDC, the previous 1000M network access is gradually replaced by the 4G/10G optical fiber access. In addition, the uplink of interchanger in IDC is generally upgraded to 6*100G mode. IDC drives huge demand for 10G/40G/100G optical module, and DCI communication between IDC develops to long-distance communication, the 100G DWDM from the 10G/40G DWDM.

In recent years, the global cloud computing market was growing rapidly. In 2015, the market size of the typical cloud services represented by IaaS, PaaS and Saas reached USD 52.24 billion, with growth rate being 20.6%. It is estimated that the market size will reach USD 143.53 billion in 2020 with the CAGR reaching 22%. In terms of the service providers, the revenue of AWS in 2015 was nearly USD 7.9 billion with growth rate exceeding 50%. Its service scale exceeded ten times the total revenue of the second to the fifteenth service providers in Iaas field.

During 2015 to 2016, the procurement scale of optical fiber and access network of China Mobile Communication has broken the historical record for several times, greatly exceeding market expectations. CMCC’s strong entry into the optical fiber broadband market also drives the further promotion of users’ optical fiber broadband by ISP including China Telecom, China Unicom, Dr. Peng and Radio and TV broadband.

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