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2D Chromatography Market: Rising life science research and growing applications of 2D chromatography is augmenting the market growth at a healthy CAGR of 7.4% during the forecast period of 2021 to 2027

2D Chromatography Market Highlights

According to CRI analysis, the global 2D chromatography market is expected to register a CAGR of 7.4% from 2021 to 2027 and hold a value of USD 55.40 million by 2027.


The global 2D chromatography market is driven by several factors, such as rising R&D investments by biopharmaceutical & biotechnology companies for the development of new biologic drugs. In addition, the increasing applications of 2D chromatography in various industries such as forensic science, life science, food & beverage, and petrochemical further boost the growth of the market. Moreover, rising concerns about environmental protection and food safety are fueling the growth of the 2D chromatography market during the forecast period.


The key players are involved in product launches, strategic agreements, joint ventures, and acquisitions to augment their market positions. For instance, in February 2021, Thermo Fisher Scientific (US) launched vanquish 2D liquid chromatography system. This system provides a reliable platform for analyzing complex samples in-depth with the highest level of confidence, as well as peak identification and analysis for all types of analytes. Similarly, in May 2021, Scion Instruments (Netherlands) acquired the automated headspacer system HT3 and Versa from Teledyne Instruments, Inc. (US). With this acquisition, Scion Instruments will increase its presence in the analytical chromatography segment, which ultimately contributes to the 2D chromatography market growth.


Regional Analysis


2D Chromatography marketNorth America is expected to dominate the 2D chromatography market, owing to rising research activities in pharmaceutical industries and higher government funding for research. Furthermore, the presence of major industry players across the region, such as Agilent Technologies, Inc. (US), Thermo Fisher Scientific (US), Danaher Corporation (US), LECO Corporation (US), and other players are dominating the global 2D chromatography market. Furthermore, the adoption of technologically advanced 2D chromatography systems is also fueling the growth of the market.


Europe is expected to hold a significant share in the 2D chromatography market due to the growing demand for 2D chromatography in the biopharmaceutical & petrochemical industry across the region. In addition, the presence of supportive regulatory systems is also expected to boost market growth.


Asia-Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest-growing regional market during the forecast period due to increasing investment in healthcare infrastructure, establishments of research organizations, and rising applications of 2D chromatography to assess purity and safety in pharmaceutical, agricultural, and food industries.


Furthermore, the growth of the market in the Rest of the World is attributed to the technological advancements in 2D chromatography systems and the growing biopharmaceutical & biotechnology sector in the region.




The global 2D chromatography market has been segmented into product, application, and end user. By product, the market has been segregated into 2D gas chromatography and 2D liquid chromatography.


2D gas chromatography is further segmented into 2D gas chromatography instruments, 2D gas chromatography consumables, and 2D gas chromatography accessories. 2D gas chromatography instruments is further segmented into systems, detectors, and other instruments. 2D gas chromatography consumables is further segmented into columns, vials, and other consumables. 2D liquid chromatography is segmented into 2D liquid chromatography instruments, 2D liquid chromatography consumables, and 2D liquid chromatography accessories. 2D liquid chromatography instruments is further segmented into systems, detectors, and other instruments. 2D liquid chromatography consumables is further segmented into columns, vials, and other consumables. The 2D gas chromatography segment held the majority share in 2020 due to the rapid growth in the petroleum industry, rising environmental pollution, and food safety concerns.


By application, the market has been segregated into life science research, environmental analysis, food & beverage testing, petrochemical & natural gas analysis, and others. The life science research segment is expected to hold a considerable share of the market in 2020. This can be attributed to the increasing focus on biotechnology, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical, and biomedical research will augment the market growth in the assessed period.


Based on end user, the global 2D chromatography market has been classified as biotechnology & pharmaceutical industries, hospitals & clinics, and others. Biotechnology & pharmaceutical industries held the largest segment share in 2020, owing to the rapidly growing biotechnology & pharmaceutical industry and rising focus on drug development, boosting the market growth.


Key Players


Some of the key players in the global 2D chromatography market are Agilent Technologies, Inc. (US), LECO Corporation (US), Waters Corporation (US), Shimadzu Corporation (Japan), Restek Corporation (US), Sepsolve Analytical Ltd (UK), Merck KGaA (Germany), Danaher Corporation (US), Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (US), and Thermo Fisher Scientific (US).

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