Analysis on Global Top 20 Tire Enterprises, 2017

Most of the global Top 20 tire enterprises achieved poor sales performance in 2016 compared to that in 2015 except Continental. On the whole, the total sales value of tire business of the 20 tire enterprises in 2016 was EUR 2.7 billion lower than that of 2015, which amounted to the annual sales value of Cooper. This indicates that the tire enterprises failed to achieve the growth of sales value by raising prices and it also manifests that the market demand is shrinking. Tire enterprises will be under greater pressure for the market is gradually approaching saturation.

Compare the global tire enterprise ranking of 2017 with that of 2016, there are 12 tire enterprises remain unchanged. Five traditional tire giants—Bridgestone (1st), Michelin (2nd), Goodyear (3rd), Continental (4th) and Pirelli (5th) are the Top 5 tire enterprises. Apart from the above enterprises, YOKOHAMA (8th), Maxxis (9th), ZC Rubber (12th), Toyo (13th), KUMHO (14th), Double Coin (17th) and Linglong (20th) remain unchanged.

Sailun (China) and Nexen (South Korea), which were not in the Top 20 ranking, rose to the Top18 and Top 19 respectively this year while Triangle (15th in 2016) and Nokia (19th in 2016) were edged out.

Apollo and MRF (India) made further progress this year. Apollo rose from the Top 18 to the Top 16 while MRF rose from the Top 16 to the Top 15 this year, showing the rapid development of Indian tire enterprises. The Top 6, 7 and the Top 10, 11 exchanged this year, Sumitomo Rubber surpassed Hankook and moved up to the Top 6 while Hankook dropped to Top 7. Since the industrial tire and passenger vehicle tire of Pirelli are not separated in the ranking therefore the gap between the Top 5, 6 and 7 is not large. It is estimated that the competition for the Top 5 will be quite fierce in the next year. In addition, Cooper surpassed Giti and moved up to the Top 10 while Giti dropped to the Top 11.



Research Report on China Tire Industry, 2017-2021

According to incomplete statistics by CRI, by the end of 2016, the number of tire manufacturers had been over 550 in China.

Research Report on Tire Export in China, 2017-2021

In 2017, China’s tire export will remain dim. This is mainly due to the slowing growth of the global economy and the increasing international trade barriers. For another, China’s is faced with heavy inflation pressure, bringing up the cost in the tire industry and consequently reducing the competitiveness of Chinese…

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