Home Healthcare Market in India 2020


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Home healthcare refers to the supportive and cost-effective medical assistance received at home for any kind of illness or injury. The home healthcare market in India mainly offers at-home health testing facilities, home diagnostic remedies, at-home doctor consultations and home healthcare services.

Market insights:
The home healthcare sector in India accounted for approximately 3.6% of India’s overall healthcare industry earning in 2019. The home healthcare market in India was valued at INR 295.70 Bn in 2019. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~18.91% during the 2020-2025 period, to reach a value of INR 1,117.29 Bn by 2025. Rise in aging population and increased prevalence of chronic ailments like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular diseases are propelling the growth of the market in India. Inadequate doctor-patient ratio in the country and cost-effective nature of home healthcare services are some of the other important factors driving the market. However, the lack of adequate insurance coverage for the treatments to be conducted at home, is impeding its growth.

Segment Insights:
The home healthcare market is broadly segmented into home healthcare services, home healthcare devices and home healthcare solutions. As of 2019, the home healthcare market was dominated by the home healthcare service segment, which accounted for ~54.40% of the total market revenue. By 2025, the market share of the home healthcare services segment is expected to decline by ~14.40% to hold round 40% of the overall home healthcare market revenue. During the 2020-2025 period, the home healthcare solutions segment is anticipated to become the fastest growing segment of the market as a result of social distancing and self-isolation norms imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19. By 2025, the home healthcare devices and home healthcare solution segments are expected to hold ~15.70% and ~44.30% shares, respectively, in terms of market revenue.

COVID-19 impact analysis:
The outbreak of the Coronavirus disease, followed by a long-term global lockdown has had a severe impact on the overall home healthcare market in India. The telehealth solutions, health screening and monitoring devices, and home nursing services segments are likely to witness a significant growth amid the worldwide crisis. Perpetuation of social distancing norms, exhaustion of outdoor medical capacities, and initiatives undertaken by the Indian government to encourage at-home treatments and telehealth solutions are likely to accelerate market growth. Other home healthcare segments anticipated to be positively influenced during this period include health diagnostic devices, at-home therapeutic services and other medical supplies.

Companies covered
• Apollo Home Healthcare Limited
• CallHealth Services Private Limited
• Care24
• Critical Care Unified Private Limited
• Guardian Angel Homecare Private Limited
• Healthcare At Home Private Limited
• India Home Health Care Private Limited
• Life Circle Health Services Private Limited
• Medwell Ventures Private Limited
• Portea Medical Private Limited
• Practo Technologies Private Limited
• Lybrate India Private Limited

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive summary

Chapter 2: Socio-economic indicators

Chapter 3: Introduction
3.1. Market definition and structure

Chapter 4: Telehealth and telemedicine services in home healthcare
4.1. Telehealth and telemedicine in home healthcare

Chapter 5: Market overview
5.1. India home healthcare market – overview
5.1.1. Market size and growth forecast based on value (2018-2025e)

Chapter 6: Market segmentation
6.1. India home healthcare market – segmentation
6.1.1. India home healthcare market share based on type (2019-2025e)
6.1.2. India home healthcare services market size and growth forecast (2018-2025e)
6.1.3. India home healthcare devices market size and growth forecast (2018-2025e)
6.1.4. India home healthcare solutions market size and growth forecast (2018-2025e)

Chapter 7: Impact of COVID-19
7.1. Impact of COVID-19
7.1.1. COVID-19 and its impact on the overall home healthcare market
7.1.2. The Indian government’s take on the pandemic, influencing the home healthcare market
7.1.3. Growth initiatives and developments undertaken by market players

Chapter 8: Market influencers
8.1. Market drivers
8.2. Market challenges

Chapter 9: Competitive landscape
9.1. Key players
9.1.1. Apollo Home Healthcare Limited
– Company information
– Business description
– Products/services
– Key people
Note: Similar information covered for all other companies on best effort basis
9.1.2. CallHealth Services Private Limited
9.1.3. Care24
9.1.4. Critical Care Unified Private Limited
9.1.5. Guardian Angel Homecare Private Limited
9.1.6. Healthcare At Home Private Limited
9.1.7. India Home Health Care Private Limited
9.1.8. Life Circle Health Services Private Limited
9.1.9. Medwell Ventures Private Limited
9.1.10. Portea Medical Private Limited
9.2. Emerging telehealth companies
9.2.1. Practo Technologies Private Limited
9.2.2. Lybrate India Private Limited

Chapter 10: Innovation and strategies
10.1. Innovation and strategies – top players

Chapter 11: Funding scenario
11.1. Funding scenario (since 2017)

Chapter 12: Appendix
12.1. Research methodology
12.2. About Netscribes
12.3. Disclaimer