scrap vehicle disposal
Automobile Industry Analysis

Number of Scrap Vehicles in China Exceeded 7 Million by 2020

The Chinese government provides that a vehicle should be sent to a qualified enterprise for dismantling and scrapping when it runs for 600,000 kilometers. And scrap vehicles’ engines, steering gear, transmission, front and rear axles and frame are forbidden to be sold illegally and should be recycled as scrap metal. The vehicle owner can get the residual value of the recycled scrap metal. However, this provision is poorly enforced. According to CRI analysis, vehicle consumption becomes increasingly popular in China with the development of economy and increase of income. China…

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Automobile Consumer Goods & Services Industry Analysis

Analysis on Scrap Vehicle Recycling Market in 2019

Automobile consumption has become a hot spot on the market since 2018 when the sales volume of automobiles in China declined for the first time over the past 28 years. The production and sales data in Jan. 2019 was also depressing. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the sales volume of automobiles in Jan. 2019 was 2,367,300 units, decreasing by 15.76% YOY. In particular, the sales volume of passenger vehicles decreased by 17.70% Research Report on China’s Scrap Vehicle Recycling Industry, 2018-2022 The replacement of automobiles will inevitably…

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