Rare Earth Recycling Market:—Forecast till 2028


As per the analysis, the global rare earth recycling market is anticipated to exhibit a notable CAGR of 5.79% to record the largest market value of USD 735.65 million by 2028.

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Rare Earth Recycling Market—Forecast till 2028

Market Overview

As per the analysis, the global rare earth recycling market is anticipated to exhibit a notable CAGR of 5.79% to record the largest market value of USD 735.65 million by 2028. Rare earth elements are very demanding in the modern lifestyle. These components right now have huge natural weight. Notwithstanding, their ability for reuse, by far most are disposed of into the waste after just a single-use. Reusing rare-earth-containing items offer a consistent, homegrown wellspring of rare earth materials to makers while likewise decreasing waste. The expansion of reused materials is supposed to diminish ecological tainting and energy costs related to their essential mining and detachments.

The worldwide rare earth reusing market is anticipated to register a notable market expansion during the study period due to the appeal of rare earth metals in cell phones, electric vehicles, wind turbines, workstations, and others. The critical driver of the reusing market is the natural and cost concerns related to the mining of rare-earth metals. Also, the estimating of rare earth metals is profoundly delicate as China rules the creation and controls the costs of these materials. The reception of e-squander reusing across the globe is supposed to support the reusing of rare earth materials. Be that as it may, contamination, significant expenses, and shortcoming connected with reusing thwart the market development.

Market Segmentation
The global rare earth recycling market has been classified in terms of type, application, and region.
Based on type the global market is divided into light rare earth recycling and heavy & medium rare earth recycling. The light rare earth segment commands the market having wide applications in UV protective glasses, carbon arc lights, CAT scan scintillators, batteries for hybrid vehicles, super magnets, catalytic converters, computers, electronic devices, and polished glass surfaces.
The sub-segmentation of applications includes permanent magnets, catalysts, glass, ceramics, phosphor, alloy manufacturing, and others.

Regional Analysis
Geographically, the global rare earth recycling market is spread across Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Asia-Pacific has registered around 30% of the total market in 2020. The regional market is driven by the adoption of new business strategies like research and development, new product launches, portfolios, and joint ventures.
The rare earth market in Europe is expected to register a significant market expansion owing to the continuous product development via expert research and development and the development activities in various countries. North American market for earth recycling is driven by the largest market for recycling of earth in the US. The strong application of permanent magnets in various products like television, cellular phones, and speakers is expected to drive the regional market during the review period.

Major Players
The prominent players operating in the global rare earth recycling market are Solvay (Belgium), Lynas (Malaysia), GanZhou QianDong Rare Earths Group Co., Ltd (China), Hitachi Metals (Japan), REEcycle, Inc. (US), Jiangsu Huahong Technology Co., Ltd (China), Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Japan), Nissan Motor Co Ltd (Japan), Geomega Resources (Canada), and Shenghe Resources Holdings Co., Ltd (China) among others.

COVID 19 Impacts
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