Polycarbonate Resin Market in India 2020


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Polycarbonate resin (PC resin) is an engineering plastic designed to improve temperature resistance, durability, strength, and other mechanical properties of thermoplastic polymers. PC resin and its extruded products are used in electronic, automotive, medical devices, medical packaging, consumer durables, aerospace, and agricultural industries. In India, more than 50% of the domestic demand for polycarbonate resin is driven by the end-use industries – automotive, and construction and building.

Market insights:

As of 2019, the polycarbonate resin market in India was valued at INR 24.75 Bn, and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~9% during the 2020-2025 period, to reach INR 40.76 Bn by 2025. In 2019, India accounted for ~2.05% of the global polycarbonate resin market revenue. Government initiatives to develop commercial and industrial roofing in India, and the cost-effective nature of PC resin are some of the significant factors expected to bolster market growth. India does not account for any domestic production of polycarbonate resin. Therefore, the country’s dependency on imports to meet its domestic demand is restraining the growth of the market. Presence of toxic chemicals in polycarbonate resins cause environmental and health hazards in case of exposure and this, in turn, restrains the growing usage of these chemicals.

COVID-19 impact analysis:

The outbreak of the contagion, followed by a long-term nationwide lockdown decelerated the growth momentum of the overall polycarbonate resin market in India. Polycarbonate resin is a significant raw material used in the production of input components by the country’s end-use industries. Therefore, the impact of COVID-19 on these related industries mark a proportional impact on the polycarbonate resin market in India. During this crisis period, the end-use industries like the automotive, construction, appliances, and sports safety equipment experienced halt in their potential production cycle, imparting a negative impact on the demand for polycarbonate resins as well. On the other hand, the polycarbonate resin market witnessed a sharp rise in demand as an input chemical from the industries like medical devices and equipment, electronics and electricals at the same time.

Competitive analysis:

In India, the polycarbonate resin market is dominated by foreign subsidiaries like Covestro (India) Private Limited, SABIC Innovative Plastics India Private Limited, and Teijin India Private Limited. Around 60% of the country’s total demand for polycarbonate resin end-products is sustained by Covestro India and SABIC Innovative Plastics cumulatively. Other players in the market include MG Polyplast Industries Private Limited, Power Chem Plast Limited, Samsung SDI India Private Limited, and Tuflite Polymers Limited. India is expected to have its first local polycarbonate resin manufacturing plant set up by 2023, by GAIL Limited.

Companies covered:

• Lotus Roofings Private Limited
• MG Polyplast Industries Private Limited
• Power Chem Plast Limited
• Tuflite Polymers Limited
• Covestro (India) Private Limited
• SABIC Innovative Plastics India Private Limited
• Samsung SDI India Private Limited
• Teijin India Private Limited

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive summary

Chapter 2: Socio-economic indicators

Chapter 3: Introduction
3.1. Market definition and structure
3.2. Properties of polycarbonate resin
3.3. Applications of polycarbonate resin
3.4. Applications of polycarbonate resin based on product types

Chapter 4: Global polycarbonate resin market
4.1. Global polycarbonate resin market – overview
4.1.1. Market size and growth forecast based on value (2018-2025e)
4.1.2. Largest consumers of polycarbonate resins
4.1.3. Top global market players

Chapter 5: India polycarbonate resin market
5.1. India polycarbonate resin market – overview
5.1.1. Market size and growth forecast based on value (2018-2025e)
5.1.2. Market size and growth forecast based on sales volume (2018-2025e)

Chapter 6: Trade analysis
6.1. Trade analysis
6.1.1. Export
– Value-wise
– Volume-wise
– Country-wise
6.1.2. Import
– Value-wise
– Volume-wise
– Country-wise

Chapter 7: Impact of COVID-19
7.1. Impact of COVID-19

Chapter 8: Market influencers
8.1. Market drivers
8.2. Market challenges

Chapter 9: Government initiatives
9.1. Government initiatives

Chapter 10: Competitive landscape
10.1. Lotus Roofings Private Limited
– Company information
– Business description
– Products/services
– Key people
Note: Similar information has been covered for all companies
for public companies only
10.2. MG Polyplast Industries Private Limited
10.3. Power Chem Plast Limited
10.4. Tuflite Polymers Limited
10.5. Covestro (India) Private Limited
10.6. SABIC Innovative Plastics India Private Limited
10.7. Samsung SDI India Private Limited
10.8. Teijin India Private Limited

Chapter 11: Recent developments
11.1. Recent developments

Chapter 12: Appendix
12.1. Research methodology
12.2. About Netscribes
12.3. Disclaimer