Investigation Report on Chinese Ioversol Market, 2018-2022


With China’s growing demand for Ioversol, the sales value exceeded CNY 400 million in 2017.

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Contract media are chemical products that are injected into or taken by human tissues or organs to improve image observation. The global contrast media market is growing continuously with higher demand for medical exam accuracy and increasing popularity of angiography.
Ioversol is a new-type non-ionic contrast agent mainly used in contrast-enhanced vascular imaging, featured by high contract density, avirulence, high tolerance and few side effects. After Ioversol is injected to blood vessels, the high proportion of iodine can cause x-ray attenuation and clearly show the blood vessels till Ioversol is diluted.
Contrast media are among the most common drugs in interventional radiology practice. They are mainly used to show blood vessels and coeloms. With large growth momentum and potential, the applications of contrast media have gradually extended from x-ray photography/CT scan imaging to diagnoses and examinations such as ultrasonography and magnetic resonance angiography. Ioversol has been widely used in China. As the number of the diagnosed continues to rise, the Ioversol market will continue to grow in China.
With China’s growing demand for Ioversol, the sales value exceeded CNY 400 million in 2017. According to CRI, Jiangsu Hengrui, Liebel-Flarsheim and Mallinckrodt accounted for the major shares of the Chinese Ioversol market. By sales value, the market share of Jiangsu Hengrui exceeded 90% in 2017.

Topics Covered:
-Development history of Ioversol in China
-Size of China Ioversol market
-Competition Pattern of Chinese Ioversol market
-Prices in the Chinese Ioversol market
-Prospects of Chinese Ioversol Market, 2018-2022


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