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Reliable Ranking of Global Top 10 Shipbuilding Companies

The ranking of shipyards can be based on multiple parameters — from completion amount to holding orders. However, what reflects the real operation situation of a company is its sales revenue. Recently, the list of top 10 shipbuilding companies in terms of sales revenue was released by the press. It shows that the top 5 are in South Korea, China and Japan, indicating the trend of the global shipbuilding industry. (CRI note: the actual sales revenue of a company is hard to calculate. In particular, China’s two shipbuilding leaders are both involved in military businesses.  Confidential data are not released to the public, affecting their rankings. Therefore, the list serves as a reference only.)

The following is the list of top 10 shipbuilding companies in the world and their sales revenues in 2015:

1 Hyundai Heavy Industries, USD 39.32 billion

2 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, USD 35.97 billion

3 Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, USD 12.76 billion

4 CSIC, USD 9.21 billion

5 Samsung Heavy Industries, USD 8.26 billion

6 Huntington Ingalls, USD 7.02 billion

7 CSSC, USD 4.27 billion

8 Sembcorp Marine, USD 3.61 billion

9 Imabari Shipbuilding, USD 3.16 billion

10 HHIC, USD 2.5 billion


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