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Global Autonomous Vehicle Processor Market Anticipated to Reach $42.20 Billion by 2030

According to a premium market intelligence report, titled “Global Autonomous Vehicle Processor Market – A Global and Regional Market Analysis: 2020-2030”, the global autonomous vehicle processor market is expected to create a market value opportunity of $42.20 billion globally in 2030.

Global Autonomous Vehicle Processor Market – A Global and Regional Analysis: Focus on Processors, Vehicle Types, Applications (by Level of Autonomy), Country-Level Analysis, and Impact of COVID-19

OEMs have put in motion ambitious plans to introduce new autonomous vehicle processor into their target markets with an expected rise in end-use industry demand. Companies across the traditional semiconductor chip/processor supply chain are looking for ways to maintain their relevance in this technologically advanced industry. Further, leading autonomous processor manufacturers and technology provider companies, to stay relevant in this industry, are planning to introduce new advanced technologies and products for high level of autonomy (L3 onwards).

According to Ajeya Saxena, Lead Analyst, “With the growth and development in electric vehicle industry, ride sharing models, and robotaxis, autonomous vehicle industry is simultaneously uplifting in terms of value generation. North America’s U.S. is trumping the global autonomous vehicle processor ecosystem, and other developed countries, such as the U.K., Germany, South Korea, and Japan, are stimulating the rising demand for autonomous vehicle processor. The growth and adoption of Level 2 autonomy, Robotaxis, and technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning are also significantly responsible for the fast adoption and development of autonomous vehicle processors. Mergers and acquisitions are one of the key strategies adopted by the industry’s giant OEMs. They are expanding their global footprint and product portfolio by acquiring new startups and technology providers. One of the prominent acquisitions of the industry is Mobileye’s acquisition by Intel Corporation in March 2017.”

Who stands to gain from this report?

• Global autonomous vehicle processor developing and manufacturing companies, who have traditionally been involved in the development and manufacturing of autonomous vehicle processors for the vehicles.

What can they find in this report?

• Market dynamics impacting the autonomous vehicle processor industry, along with information on new technologies that autonomous vehicle processor manufacturers are adopting
• How the demand for autonomous vehicle processor is expected to shape over the next ten years (2020 – 2030) across different regions and countries
• Detailed insights and information of key companies operating in this market, includinggrowth strategies and product details.

What is the use of this report?

• In driving a successful growth strategy – Helps understand those markets where the demand for autonomous vehicle processor is expected to rise.
• In driving a successful product strategy – Helps understand products that must be targeted if suppliers intend to capitalize on the autonomous vehicle processor revolution.
• In driving a successful competitive strategy – Helps understand which players are the competition and how can they collaborate with leading players across various regions to expand the company’s footprint.

Some key questions answered in this report are:

• What are the underlying structures resulting in the emerging trends within the autonomous vehicle processor market?
• How are automotive OEMs and other players entering the market?
• How are the emerging technologies driving the growth of the autonomous vehicle processor market?
• What are the views of CXOs and senior management of the autonomous vehicle processor companies operating in the space?
• Which autonomous vehicle processor technology is expected to be leading the market by 2030?
• What were the market volume, value, and pricing of the leading segments and subsegments of the market in 2019, and how is the market estimated to grow during the forecast period?
• How is the industry expected to evolve during the forecast period 2020-2030?
• How is the industry impacted by the COVID-19?
• What are the key strategies that have been implemented by the key players to sustain in the competitive market?

This report is a good compilation of research on more than 20 players in the global autonomous vehicle processor market. It draws upon the insights from in-depth interviews with key opinion leaders of leading companies, market experts, and vendors.

The report also profiles 12 manufacturers and key ecosystem participants in the global autonomous vehicle processor market. Intel Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, and Renesas Electronic Corporation are some of the giant companies. The report also includes company profiles of emerging startups such as AImotive and Hailo Technologies Ltd.

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