SiC Power Semiconductor Market Report – Global Forecast 2023


SiC Power Semiconductor Market Report Information: By Device SiC Discrete Devices, MOSFET, Diode, Module, SiC Bare Die Devices), Wafer Size (2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch and above), Application (RF Devices & Cellular Base Stations, Power Supply & Inverter, Power Grids, EV Motors, Industrial Motor Drives, Railway Traction), End User (Telecommunication, Energy & Power, Automotive, Industrial, Electronics), by Region – Global Forecast 2023

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Market analysis

Silicon carbide or SiC is a type of compound semiconductor which is favored to a great extent across different industry verticals inferable from various performance benefits offered by them. Properties, for example, higher critical electrical field, higher thermal conductivity, higher operating temperature, and others over its traditional silicon (Si) partner guarantees application in different high-performance frameworks. The developing necessity for improved power management frameworks in the hybrid electric vehicles invigorates the development of the market. Then again, high wafer cost associated with the creation of SiC power semiconductors and complexities identified with configuration are probably going to obstruct the development of the market during the estimated period. The SiC Power Semiconductor Market would grow at a CAGR of 26.3% attaining the valuation of USD 1,359.2 Mn by the end of the forecast period 2018-2023.

Market segmentation

Based on its device, the SiC Power Semiconductor Market is segmented into MOSFET, SiC discrete devices, module, diode, SiC bare die devices. On the basis of its wafer size, the market is bifurcated into 2-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch and above. Based on its application, the market is segmented as Power Supply & Inverter, RF Devices & Cellular Base Stations, Industrial Motor Drives, Power Grids, Railway Traction, EV Motors, Others. Based on its end-user, the market is classified into Energy & Power, Telecommunication, Industrial, Electronics, Automotive, Others.

Regional analysis

Geographically, the SiC Power Semiconductor Market is divided into global regions like Europe, North America, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, LATAM, and Africa.

Major players

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, STMicroelectronics NV, Cree Inc., Infineon Technologies AG, ON Semiconductor, and Others are the key players in the global SiC power semiconductor market.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1 Executive Summary
1.1 Prologue
2 Market Introduction
2.1 Definition
2.2 Scope of the Study
2.3 List of Assumptions
2.4 Market Structure
3 Research Methodology
3.1 Research Process
3.2 Forecast Model
4 Market Dynamics
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Drivers
4.2.1 Increase in Demand for SiC Power Semiconductor due to Advantages Such as High Thermal Conductivity
4.2.2 Increase in Demand of Power Electronics Modules Across Various Industry Verticals
4.2.3 Rise in Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Panels for Electricity Generation
4.2.4 Drivers Impact Analysis
4.3 Restraints
4.3.1 Design Complexity and High Cost of SiC MOSFET
4.3.2 Availability of GaN as a Substitute for SiC
4.3.3 Restraints Impact Analysis
4.4 Opportunities
4.4.1 Introduction of Fifth-Generation (5G) Mobile Communication
4.4.2 Rising Adoption of Electric Vehicles
5 Market Factor Analysis
5.1 Supply Chain Analysis
5.1.1 Raw Material Suppliers
5.1.2 SiC Wafer/Substrate Manufacturers
5.1.3 System Integrators/Assemblers
5.1.4 Distributors/Value-Added Resellers (VARs)
5.1.5 End-Users
5.2 Porter’s Five Forces Model
5.2.1 Threat of New Entrants
5.2.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
5.2.3 Threat of Substitutes
5.2.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers
5.2.5 Intensity of Rivalry
6 Market Alerts
6.1 Impact Analysis of Emerging Technology
7 Global SiC Power Semiconductor Market, By Device
7.1 Overview
7.1.1 SiC Discrete Devices MOSFET Diode Module
7.1.2 SiC Bare Die Devices
8 Global SiC Power Semiconductor Market, By Wafer Size
8.1 Overview
8.1.1 2-inch
8.1.2 4-inch
8.1.3 6-inch and Above
9 Global SiC Power Semiconductor Market, By Application
9.1 Overview
9.1.1 RF Devices & Cellular Base Station
9.1.2 Power Supply & Inverter
9.1.3 Power Grids
9.1.4 EV Motor
9.1.5 Industrial Motor Drives
9.1.6 Railway Traction
9.1.7 Others
10 Global SiC Power Semiconductor Market, By End-User
10.1 Overview
10.1.1 Telecommunication
10.1.2 Energy & Power
10.1.3 Automotive
10.1.4 Industrial
10.1.5 Electronics
10.1.6 Others
11 Global SiC Power Semiconductor Market, By Region
11.1 Introduction
11.1.1 North America US Canada Mexico
11.1.2 Europe UK Germany France Rest of Europe
11.1.3 Asia-Pacific China Japan India South Korea Rest of Asia-Pacific
11.1.4 Rest of the World Middle East & Africa Latin America
12 Competitive Landscape
12.1 Competitive Landscape
13 Company Profile
13.1 Infineon Technologies AG
13.1.1 Company Overview
13.1.2 Financial Overview
13.1.3 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.1.4 Key Developments
13.1.5 SWOT Analysis
13.1.6 Key Strategy
13.2 Cree Inc.
13.2.1 Company Overview
13.2.2 Financial Overview
13.2.3 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.2.4 Key Developments
13.2.5 SWOT Analysis
13.2.6 Key Strategy
13.3 ROHM Semiconductor
13.3.1 Company Overview
13.3.2 Financial Overview
13.3.3 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.3.4 Key Developments
13.3.5 Key Strategy
13.4 STMicroelectronics NV
13.4.1 Company Overview
13.4.2 Financial Performance
13.4.3 Products/Solution/Service Offerings
13.4.4 Key Developments
13.4.5 SWOT Analysis
13.4.6 Key Strategy
13.5 Fuji Electric Co. Ltd
13.5.1 Company Overview
13.5.2 Financial Performance
13.5.3 Products/Solution/Service Offerings
13.5.4 Key Developments
13.5.5 SWOT Analysis
13.5.6 Key Strategy
13.6 ON Semiconductor Corporation
13.6.1 Company Overview
13.6.2 Financial Overview
13.6.3 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.6.4 Key Developments
13.6.5 SWOT Analysis
13.6.6 Key Strategy
13.7 General Electric Co.
13.7.1 Company Overview
13.7.2 Financial Overview
13.7.3 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.7.4 Key Developments
13.7.5 SWOT Analysis
13.7.6 Business Strategy
13.8 Renesas Electronics Corporation
13.8.1 Company Overview
13.8.2 Financial Overview
13.8.3 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.8.4 Key Developments
13.8.5 SWOT Analysis
13.8.6 Key Strategy
13.9 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
13.9.1 Company Overview
13.9.2 Financial Overview
13.9.3 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.9.4 Key Developments
13.9.5 SWOT Analysis
13.9.6 Key Strategy
13.1 Microchip Technology, Inc.
13.10.1 Company Overview
13.10.2 Financial Overview
13.10.3 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.10.4 Key Developments
13.10.5 SWOT Analysis
13.10.6 Key Strategy
13.11 United Silicon Carbide Inc.
13.11.1 Company Overview
13.11.2 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.11.3 Key Developments
13.12 GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.
13.12.1 Company Overview
13.12.2 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.13 Ascatron AB
13.13.1 Company Overview
13.13.2 Product/Solution/Service Offerings
13.13.3 Key Developments
13.13.4 Key Strategy
13.14 Graphensic
13.14.1 Company Overview
13.14.2 Product/Solution/Service Offerings

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