Global Inflight Advertising Market Information Report Forecast To 2023


Global Inflight Advertising Market Information Report by Product (Inflight magazines, Display Systems, Baggage Tags, In-flight Apps, and Others (Overhead Bins, Seatback Tray Tables, Boarding Passes, and Aircraft Wrap)), by Aircraft Type (Business Aircraft and Passenger Aircraft) and by Regions (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America) – Global Forecast To 2023

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Market analysis

In-flight advertising incorporates the mode of advertising through the overhead storage bins, setback tray tables, in-flight magazines, and sales pitches by the respective flight attendants. The global in-flight advertising market has witnessed a transformations with the advent of digital media. Individualized computing and individual smartphone empower the advertisers to convey ads to people/travelers with unique publicizing content directly to their own devices, which is relatively significantly as compared to the conventional techniques for the in-flight advertising. The digital in-flight creative advertisements is gradually adding dimension of interaction to the sound, sight, and motion — and enhanced interaction is expected to drive the brand effectiveness. The growing demand for the customization of the aircrafts is boosting the growth of the global in-flight advertising market. The global in-flight advertising market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.17% during the forecast period (2017-2023).

Market segmentation

The global in-flight advertising market is segmented on the basis of its product, aircraft type and geographical analysis. Based on its product, the market is bifurcated into display systems, inflight magazines, inflight apps, baggage tags and others. Based on its aircraft type, the market is divided into business aircraft and passenger aircraft.

Regional analysis

Geographically, the global in-flight advertising market is divided into global regions like Europe, North America, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, LATAM, and Africa.

Major players

Global Eagle, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, IMM International, MaXposure Media Group (I) Pvt. Ltd., EAM Advertising LLC, INK, Atin OOH, Global Onboard Partners, Blue Mushroom and Zagoren Collective, are some of the leading players of the global in-flight advertising market.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1 Executive Summary
2 Market Introduction
2.1 Definition
2.2 Scope of the Study
2.3 List of Assumptions
2.4 Market Structure
2.5 Key Takeaways
2.6 Key Buying Criteria
3 Market Insights
4 Research Methodology
4.1 Research Process
4.2 Primary Research
4.3 Secondary Research
4.4 Market Size Estimation
4.5 Forecast Model
5 Market Dynamics
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Drivers
5.2.1 Rapid Fleet Expansion
5.2.2 Development of New Advertisement Techniques
5.2.3 Advent of Digital media
5.3 Restraints
5.3.1 Issues Associated with Existing Hardware
5.4 Opportunities
5.4.1 Increasing Incidence of Connectivity
5.5 Supply Chain
5.6 Porter’s Five Forces Model
5.6.1 Threat of New Entrants
5.6.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
5.6.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers
5.6.4 Threat of Substitutes
5.6.5 Intensity of Rivalry
6 Global In-Flight Advertising Market, By Product
6.1 Overview
6.1.1 Inflight magazines
6.1.2 Display Systems
6.1.3 Baggage Tags
6.1.4 In-flight Apps
6.1.5 Others
7 Global In-Flight Advertising Market, By Aircraft Type
7.1 Overview
7.1.1 Business Aircraft
7.1.2 Passenger Aircraft
8 In-Flight Advertising Market, By Region
8.1 Introduction
8.2 North America
8.2.1 U.S.
8.2.2 Canada
8.3 Asia-Pacific
8.3.1 China
8.3.2 Japan
8.3.3 India
8.3.4 Australia
8.3.5 Rest of Asia-Pacific
8.4 Europe
8.4.1 Germany
8.4.2 U.K.
8.4.3 France
8.4.4 Spain
8.4.5 Rest of Europe
8.5 Middle East & Africa
8.5.1 UAE
8.5.2 Saudi Arabia
8.5.3 Rest of Middle East & Africa
8.6 Latin America
8.6.1 Brazil
8.6.2 Peru
8.6.3 Chile
8.6.4 Rest of Latin America
9 Patent Trends
10 Competitive Landscape
10.1 Competitive Landscape
11 Company Profiles
11.1 Emirates Group
11.1.1 Financial Overview
11.1.2 Product Offerings
11.1.3 SWOT Analysis
11.2 Panasonic Avionics Corporation
11.2.1 Company Overview
11.2.1 Financial Overview
11.2.2 Product Offerings
11.2.3 Key Developments
11.2.4 SWOT Analysis
11.3 IMM International
11.3.1 Company Overview
11.3.2 Financial Overview
11.3.3 Product Offerings
11.3.4 Key Developments
11.3.5 SWOT Analysis
11.4 EAM Advertising, LLC
11.4.1 Company Overview
11.4.2 Financial Overview
11.4.3 Product Offerings
11.4.4 SWOT Analysis
11.5 Maxposure Media Group
11.5.1 Company Overview
11.5.2 Financial Overview
11.5.3 SWOT Analysis
11.6 InterAir Media
11.6.1 Company Overview
11.6.2 Financial Overview
11.6.3 Product Offerings
11.6.4 SWOT Analysis
11.7 INK
11.7.1 Company Overview
11.7.2 Financial Overview
11.7.3 Product Offerings
11.7.4 Key Developments
11.7.5 SWOT Analysis
11.8 PaxLife
11.8.1 Company Overview
11.8.2 Financial Overview
11.8.3 Product Offerings
11.8.4 SWOT Analysis
11.9 Global Onboard Partners
11.9.1 Company Overview
11.9.2 Financial Overview
11.9.3 Product Offerings
11.9.4 SWOT Analysis
11.1 Atin OOH
11.10.1 Company Overview
11.10.2 Financial Overview
11.10.3 Product Offerings
11.10.4 SWOT Analysis
11.11 Zagoren Collective
11.11.1 Company Overview
11.11.2 Financial Overview
11.11.3 Product Offerings
11.11.4 SWOT Analysis
11.12 Blue Mushroom
11.12.1 Company Overview
11.12.2 Financial Overview
11.12.3 Product Offerings

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