Global Industrial Design Market Research Report – Forecast to 2025


Global Industrial Design Market Research Report: by Type (Product Design, Model Design and Fabrication, User Interface and Interaction Design, Other Industrial Design), by Application (Transportation, Electronic, Household, Machinery & Equipment, Others), and Region – Forecast to 2025

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Market analysis

The industrial design market is dominated by market trends with respect to the ecological reasonability of various manufacturing processes just as the utilization of environmental friendly, sustainable power sources in the generation of the planned products. IoT is likewise liable to be a noteworthy factor for the development of industrial design market in the upcoming years and a central point to consider while improving and working in the industrial design field. IoT empowers automation of modern procedures in a productive way and is subsequently being received into the the manufacturing sector throughout the world. The global industrial design market is growing at a CAGR of 5.85% and is projected to reach the market value of USD 61,786.7 million during the forecast period (2018-2025).

Market segmentation

The global industrial design market is segmented on the basis of its type, application and regional demand. Based on its type, the market is segmented as User Interference and Interaction Design, Model Design and Fabrication, Product Design and Other Industrial Design. On the basis of its application, the market is classified into Electronics, Transportation, Machinery and Equipment, Household and Others.

Regional analysis

Geographically, the global industrial design market is divided into global regions like Europe, North America, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, LATAM, and Africa.

Major players

ARTOP Group (China), Accenture PLC (Ireland), Ammunition Group (U.S.), Ziba Design (U.S.), IDEO LLC (U.S.), Altran Technologies SA (France), BlueFocus Intelligent Communications Group Co. Ltd. (China), PDD Group Ltd. (U.K.), LUNAR Design (U.S.), R&D Design (U.S.), GK Design Group (U.S.), RKS Design (U.S.), and Busse Design (U.S.), Designworks (BMW AG), among others are some of the major players in the global industrial design market.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1 Executive Summary
2 Market Introduction
2.1 Definition
2.2 Scope of the Study
2.3 List of Assumptions
2.4 Market Structure
3 Market Insights
4 Research Methodology
4.1 Research Process
4.2 Forecast Model
5 Market Trends
5.1 Introduction
5.1.1 Green Engineering- Focus on Energy Consumption
5.1.2 Rising Cloud Infrastructure & IoT
6 Market Factor Analysis
6.1 Value Chain Analysis
6.2 Porter’s Five Forces Model
6.2.1 Threat of New Entrants
6.2.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
6.2.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers
6.2.4 Threat of Substitutes
6.2.5 Intensity of Rivalry
7 Global Industrial Design Market, By Type
7.1.1 Overview
7.1.2 Product Design
7.1.3 Model Design and Fabrication
7.1.4 User Interface and Interaction Design
7.1.5 Other Industrial Design
8 Global Industrial Design Market, By Application
8.1 Overview
8.1.1 Transportation
8.1.2 Electronic
8.1.3 Household
8.1.4 Machinery & Equipment
8.1.5 Others
9 Global Industrial Design Market, By Region
9.1 Region
9.2 North America
9.3 US
9.4 Europe
9.5 Asia-Pacific
9.6 China
9.7 Japan
9.8 India
9.9 Southeast Asia
10 Competitive Landscape
10.1 Competitive Landscape
11 Company Profiles
11.1.1 Company Overview
11.1.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.2 Altran Technologies SA
11.2.1 Company Overview
11.2.2 Financial Overview
11.2.3 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.3 Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Designworks)
11.3.1 Company Overview
11.3.2 Financial Overview
11.3.3 Products/Services/Solutions Offered (Designworks)
11.4 ARTOP Group
11.4.1 Company Overview
11.4.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.5 Accenture PLC (Designaffairs)
11.5.1 Company Overview
11.5.2 Financial Overview
11.5.3 Products/Services/Solutions Offered (Designaffair)
11.6 Ammunition Group
11.6.1 Company Overview
11.6.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.7 Ziba Design
11.7.1 Company Overview
11.7.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.8 BlueFocus Intelligent Communications Group Co. Ltd.
11.8.1 Company Overview
11.8.2 Financial Overview
11.8.3 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.9 PDD Group Ltd.
11.9.1 Company Overview
11.9.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.1 LUNAR Design
11.10.1 Company Overview
11.10.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.11 R&D Design
11.11.1 Company Overview
11.11.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.12 GK Design Group
11.12.1 Company Overview
11.12.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.13 RKS Design
11.13.1 Company Overview
11.13.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered
11.14 Busse Design
11.14.1 Company Overview
11.14.2 Products/Services/Solutions Offered

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