Global Coconut Milk Market Research Report Forecast to 2023


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Coconut Milk Market Research Report: Information by Category (Conventional & Organic), Form (Powder, & Liquid), Packaging Type (Bottles, Cans, Pouches, & Others) Distribution Channel (Store-based & Non-store-based), & Region – Global Forecast till 2023

Market analysis

Coconut milk is obtained by using the de-watered nuts. The nuts are broken into little pieces and are then exposed to paring pursued by milk extraction; after this progression, the milk is separated and sent for a quality check to get exceedingly purified coconut milk. The rising reception of veganism over the world offers the market players worthwhile opportunities for development. In Asia-Pacific and African region, consumers are changing to vegetarian ways of life because of moral worries for animals and nature. Veggie diets are likewise seen as a sound and healthy diet and include the utilization of normal sustenance items, for example, coconut milk. However, the high price of coconut milk powder is expected to hinder the market growth. The global coconut milk market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.61% by reaching the valuation of USD 2,350.8 million during the forecast period 2018- 2023.

Market segmentation

The global coconut milk market is segmented on the basis of its category, form, packaging type, distribution channel, and regional demand. Based on its category, the market is bifurcated into organic and conventional. Based on its form, the market is segmented into powder and liquid. On the basis of its packaging type, the market is classified into Pouches, Bottles, Cans, Others. Based on its distribution channel, the market is distributed into store-based and non-store based. The former is segmented into Convenience Stores, Supermarkets & Hypermarkets, Others.

Regional analysis

Geographically, the global coconut milk market is divided into global regions like Europe, North America, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, LATAM, and Africa.

Major players

Danone SA (France), Theppadungporn Coconut Co., Ltd (Thailand), and Thai coconut Public Company (Thailand), McCormick & Company, Inc. (US), Goya Foods, Inc. (New Jersey), Dabur India Ltd (India), Vita Coco (US), Celebes Coconut Corp. (Philippines), Thai Agri Foods Public Co., Ltd (Thailand), are some of the major market players in the global coconut milk market.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1 Executive Summary
2 Market Introduction
2.1 Definition
2.2 Scope of the Study
2.3 List of Assumptions
2.4 Market Structure
2.5 Key Takeaways
2.6 Key Buying Criteria
3 Research Methodology
3.1 Research Process
3.2 Primary Research
3.3 Secondary Research
3.4 Market Size Estimation
3.5 Forecast Model
4 Market Dynamics
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Drivers
4.2.1 Increasing Prevalence of Lactose Intolerance
4.2.2 Health Benefits of Coconut milk
4.3 Restraint
4.3.1 Fluctuating Prices of Coconut
4.4 Opportunities
4.4.1 Growing Adoption of Veganism
4.4.2 Untapped Markets in Asia-Pacific and Africa
4.4.3 Product Innovation
4.5 Challenge
4.5.1 Availability of Substitutes
5 Market Factor Analysis
5.1 Value Chain Analysis
5.1.1 Raw Material Procurement
5.1.2 Processing
5.1.3 Packaging
5.1.4 Distribution and Sales
5.2 Supply Chain Analysis
5.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
5.3.1 Threat of New Entrants
5.3.2 Threat of Substitutes
5.3.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers
5.3.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
5.3.5 Competitive Rivalry
6 Global Coconut Milk Market, Bulk Analysis
6.1 Production
6.2 Packaging
6.3 Distribution
6.4 Application
6.5 Global Coconut Milk (Bulk Market Value), 2018
7 Global Coconut Milk Market, by Form
7.1 Overview
7.1.1 Powder
7.1.2 Liquid
8 Global Coconut Milk Market, by Category
8.1 Overview
8.1.1 Conventional
8.1.2 Organic
9 Global Coconut Milk Market, by Packaging Type
9.1 Overview
9.1.1 Bottles
9.1.2 Cans
9.1.3 Pouches
9.1.4 Others
10 Global Coconut Milk Market, by Distribution Channel
10.1 Overview
10.1.1 Store-Based
10.1.2 Non-Store Based
11 Global Coconut Milk Market, by Region
11.1 Introduction
11.2 North America
11.2.1 US
11.2.2 Canada
11.2.3 Mexico
11.3 Europe
11.3.1 Germany
11.3.2 UK
11.3.3 France
11.3.4 Spain
11.3.5 Italy
11.3.6 Rest of Europe
11.4 Asia-Pacific
11.4.1 China
11.4.2 India
11.4.3 Japan
11.4.4 Australia & New Zealand
11.4.5 Rest of Asia-Pacific
11.5 Rest of the World
11.5.1 The Middle East
11.5.2 Africa
11.5.3 South America
12 Competitive Landscape
13 Company Profiles
13.1 McCormick & Company, Incorporated
13.1.1 Company Overview
13.1.2 Financial Overview
13.1.3 Products Offered
13.1.4 Key Developments
13.1.5 SWOT Analysis
13.1.6 Key Strategies
13.2 Goya Foods, Inc.
13.2.1 Company Overview
13.2.2 Financial Overview
13.2.3 Products Offered
13.2.4 Key Developments
13.2.5 SWOT Analysis
13.2.6 Key Strategies
13.3 Dabur India Ltd
13.3.1 Company Overview
13.3.2 Financial Overview
13.3.3 Products Offered
13.3.4 SWOT Analysis
13.3.5 Key Strategies
13.4 Ducoco
13.4.1 Company Overview
13.4.2 Financial Overview
13.4.3 Products Offered
13.4.4 Key Developments
13.4.5 SWOT Analysis
13.4.6 Key Strategies
13.5 Vita Coco
13.5.1 Company Overview
13.5.2 Financial Overview
13.5.3 Products Offered
13.5.4 Key Developments
13.5.5 Key Developments
13.5.6 SWOT Analysis
13.5.7 Key Strategies
13.6 Celebes Coconut Corporation
13.6.1 Company Overview
13.6.2 Financial Overview
13.6.3 Products Offered
13.6.4 Key Developments
13.6.5 SWOT Analysis
13.6.6 Key Strategies
13.7 Thai Agri Foods Public Co., Ltd
13.7.1 Company Overview
13.7.2 Financial Overview
13.7.3 Products Offered
13.7.4 Key Developments
13.7.5 SWOT Analysis
13.7.6 Key Strategies
13.8 Danone SA
13.8.1 Company Overview
13.8.2 Financial Overview
13.8.3 Products Offered
13.8.4 Key Developments
13.8.5 SWOT Analysis
13.8.6 Key Strategies
13.9 Theppadungporn Coconut Co., Ltd.
13.9.1 Company Overview
13.9.2 Financial Overview
13.9.3 Products Offered
13.9.4 Key Developments
13.9.5 SWOT Analysis
13.9.6 Key Strategies
13.1 ThaiCoconut Public Company (Limited)
13.10.1 Company Overview
13.10.2 Financial Overview
13.10.3 Products Offered
13.10.4 Key Developments
13.10.5 SWOT Analysis
13.10.6 Key Strategies
14 Conclusion
14.1 Key Findings

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