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China’s Trade Size of Cross-border E-commerce Expected to be CNY 880 Million

In 2016, China’s trade size of cross-border e-commerce reached CNY 6,300 billion, twice as much as that in 2013, and cross-border online shoppers were 41 million. It is estimated that trade size of cross-border e-commerce in China will be CNY 8,800 billion and cross-border online shoppers are to be 74 million in 2018.

Due to domestic consumers’ growing attention on quality, the trend of cross-border online shopping has gradually expanded from maternal and children supplies to all categories including beauty products and cosmetics, digital devices, general merchandise, clothes, bags and suitcases. Business volume of cross-border online shopping increases as more consumers at different ages with various demands entering the market.

China’s cross-border e-commerce businesses mainly gather in Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. Yangtze River Delta boasts of its well-developed light industry basis, leading in sales volume of clothes, shoes, hats, and household products; Pearl River Delta attracts many cross-border e-commerce sellers owing to its highly-centralized manufacture basis and abundant foreign trade talent reserves.

From the perspective of ages, the post-80s like cross-border online shopping most and they also have the strongest purchasing power; they account for 57.5% of total cross-border online shoppers. Followed by is the post-90s which takes 25% of all; the post-70s, ranking in the third place, constitutes 15% and post-60s and 00s together takes less than 3%. From the perspective of average order amount, post-80s consumers have the strongest purchasing power and rank in the first place in average order amount ranking while post-70s rank the second.


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In 2015, the import origins of top 10 cross-border e-commerce products in China included the U.S.A., Japan, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Holland, France, the U.K., Italy and New Zealand, of which the products are preferred by Chinese consumers.

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