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China’s Service Robot Market Grew by 28.2% Annually

With the advances in robotics technologies, robots will be used in more diverse scenarios and wider professional service applications. Science educational robots are represented by Atlas and Aldebaran of Boston Dynamics and China’s “Huitong”. They are not put on the market and are only used in laboratories and science and technology museums. Agricultural robots are represented by Kanao’s picking robot, DJI’s plant protection UAV and Hot-Cheers’s sorting robot. European agricultural robots and Chinese plant protection UAVs are the most widely used ones. Delivery robots are represented by Amazon’s delivery drones, Just Eat’s food delivery robot, Yee-Fung’s parking robots and the food delivery robot at Harbin Institute of Technology. Yee-Fung is especially good at exploring application scenarios of parking robots. Commercial robots are represented by Savioko’s hotel robot, Tory’s inventory robot and SinoVoice’s bank robot. Service scenarios and modes of robots are still expanding.

In 2016, the global market of intelligent professional service robot was valued at USD 1.87 billion and the market will grow by an average of 24.6% a year till 2020.

Forecast on the size of the global intelligent professional service robot market

In 2016, the largest market share was taken by agricultural robots at 44%, followed by commercial robots, at 24% and delivery robots, at 22%. The rest 10% was science educational robots.

China’s intelligent professional service robot market was CNY 1.92 billion and will grow at an average annual rate of 28.2% till 2020.

Forecast on the size of China’s intelligent professional service robot market

In 2016, 32% and 30% of the robot market was taken by commercial robots and delivery robots, respectively. Agricultural robots accounted for 26%. Again, science educational robots took the smallest share of 12%.

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