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2022 Top Medical Equipment Companies in China

Industry Overview

Medical Equipment Companies in China develop fast in recent 3 years for the covid-19 epidemic.

With the emergence of high-quality medical devices and the continuous innovation, the pattern of China’s medical industry is being reshaped.

Relevant data show that as of 2020,  China’s medical equipment market size is about 734.1 billion yuan, an increase of 18.3% year-on-year, nearly four times the growth rate of global medical devices, and has become the world’s second largest medical device market after the United States.

2021 China’s Top 10 Medical Equipment Companies in China

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RK Company Business
1 United Imaging Medical Imaging diagnostic equipment, radiotherapy equipment, medical IT medical solutions, etc., have certain high-tech content and international competitiveness, and have certain service training capabilities
2 Mindray Medical Focusing on four major fields of life information and support, in vitro diagnosis, digital ultrasound, and medical imaging, it has a certain market share scale
3 Ingram Medical Manufacturer of disposable medical consumables and medical durable equipment
4 Weigao shares Focus on services in the field of disposable medical devices and pharmaceuticals
5 Xinhua Medical Infection control, radiotherapy and imaging, surgical instruments and orthopedics, in vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments, etc.
6 Yuyue Medical Respiratory oxygen supply, sensor-controlled disinfection, surgical instruments, high-value consumables, traditional Chinese medicine equipment, polymer hygiene accessories, etc.
7 Lepu Medical Cardiovascular disease implantation interventional diagnosis and treatment equipment and drug research and development
8 Dean Diagnostics Medical diagnostic products and integrated services
9 Blue Sail Medical Manufacturer of protective products, the core product is health protection PVC gloves
10 Minimally Invasive Medicine High-end medical equipment, covering 12 major business clusters such as cardiovascular and structural heart disease, electrophysiology and heart rhythm management department

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China’s Medical Device Industry Outlook

Overall, the development of Medical Equipment Companies in China has great potential, and the Covid-19 epidemic has become a “combustion agent” to promote its rapid development.

After the epidemic, the market demand for medical devices and consumables such as masks, nucleic acid detection kits, and ECMO surged. The market size exceeded 1 trillion yuan, and the growth rate was as high as 40% in 2020.

In addition, Medical Equipment Companies in China have made frequent moves in financing mergers and acquisitions since this year. In the first half of 2021, the domestic medical device financing heat reached a record high, with more than 217 financing events, a year-on-year increase of 50.73%, and 105 financing events of 100 million yuan.

From the market point of view, the medical device segment is relatively abroad, covering from in vitro diagnosis, minimally invasive to large medical equipment. This industry needs continuous R&D accumulation with high barriers. Only Medical Equipment Companies in China with new technologies can make it possible to quickly capture the market share.

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Therefore, related companies will seize high-potential market segments through mergers and acquisitions as a solution.

Mergers and acquisitions are not the only road to Rome. In recent years, Internet giants such as Tencent, Ali, and Meituan have entered the medical device industry, and Luckin and Gree have also come across the industry.

Therefore, in the face of the complex competitive environment, there are still some enterprises as the core competitiveness of enterprise development by investing in scientific research costs and improving their own hard power.

Only by emphasizing the innovation of varieties and the exclusivity of the market, will the enterprise form an increasingly deep moat in the corresponding field and is expected to become the industry leader.

Driving Factors

The aging population, technological breakthroughs in the medical industry, consumption upgrades, and the public’s emphasis on health are all driving the development of medical devices in the segmented field.

Medical Equipment Companies in China

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