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2020 China Mask Market Research

Research Report on China Disposal Face Mask Industry 2020-2024

As a traditional “emerging industry”, the mask industry chain is complete. The upstream is mainly polypropylene (PP), polyester and other raw materials, and the midstream includes PP non-woven fabrics, meltblown fabrics, nose strips, ear strap materials and mask filming machines, mask band spot welding machines, mask packaging machines, etc. Equipment, downstream are mask manufacturers and market circulation links including online and offline.

From 2015 to 2019, China’s mask industry developed rapidly, and the growth rate of output value basically remained above 10%. Among them, the output of masks in China in 2019 has exceeded 5 billion, with an output value of 10.335 billion yuan.

Research Report on China Disposal Face Mask Industry 2020-2024

Among all kinds of masks, medical masks have a higher added value. In 2019, the output value of medical masks accounted for 54% of the overall output value of the mask industry. Ordinary gauze masks, industrial dust masks and daily masks accounted for 18%, 16% and 12% respectively.

In addition, China is also the most important producer in the mask industry, contributing nearly 50% of the global mask output, and more than 70% for export. Among them, 90% of masks in the United States and 70% of masks in Japan are from China.

Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020, China’s demand for medical masks has increased rapidly. Moreover, in the face of the rapid global spread of the epidemic, European and American governments have also begun to learn from China’s defense control of the epidemic, wearing masks, which has ushered in an explosive growth in the global demand for medical masks.

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