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CRI Report: global smart crop monitoring market to reach $3,955.39 MLN in 2027

The global smart crop monitoring market is estimated to reach $3,955.39 million in 2027, reveals the premium market intelligence study by Our Research Team. The study also highlights that the market is set to witness a CAGR of 12.75% during the forecast period 2022-2027.

Smart crop monitoring has emerged as a highly beneficial technology catering to diverse farming applications such as detecting soil quality, climatic conditions, and crop requirements. The effect of smart crop monitoring deployment has ranged from pest control, crop protection, weeding, and several other farming applications in
local farms to large scales such as the remote sensing survey of grassland, forests, and agriculture at a global level.

USP of the Report

• Extensive competitive benchmarking of the top 20 players, including sensing and imagery, automation and robotics, variable-rate technology, and guidance technology, has been done to offer a holistic view of the global smart crop monitoring market landscape
• Market ranking analysis based on product portfolio, recent developments, and regional spread
• Investment landscape including product adoption scenario, funding, and patent analysis

Analyst Thoughtst

According to Rakhi Tanwar, Principal Analyst, Our Research Team, “The smart crop monitoring market is expected to be a great replacement of conventional agricultural equipment and devices. Through a better adoption of these technology-based products and services, the consumers’ demand for quality crops and less wastage of resources can be met.”

Key Companies Operating in the Market

Key players in the global smart crop protection market analyzed and profiled in the study involve smart crop monitoring manufacturers that provide different products. Moreover, a detailed competitive benchmarking of the players operating in the global smart crop monitoring market has been done to help the reader understand how players stack against each other, presenting a clear market landscape. Additionally, comprehensive competitive strategies such as partnerships, agreements, and collaborations will aid the reader in understanding the untapped revenue pockets in the market.

The global smart crop protection market comprise players such as Ceres Imaging, CNH Industrial N.V., CropIn Technology Solutions Private Limited, Deere & Company, PrecisionHawk, Inc., Prospera Technologies, Climate LLC, Kubota Corporation, Raven Industries Inc., Robert Bosch GmbH, Small Robot Company, Trimble Inc., AGRIVI, Airbus, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, AGCO Corporation, CLAAS KGaA mbH, and Granular, Inc.

Key Questions Answered in the Report

• What is the estimated global smart crop monitoring market size in terms of revenue for the forecast period 2022-2027, and what is the expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period 2022-2027?
• What are the key trends, market drivers, and opportunities in the market pertaining to smart crop monitoring?
• What are the major restraints inhibiting the growth of the global smart crop monitoring market?
• What kinds of new strategies are being adopted by the existing market players to expand their market position in the industry?
• What is the competitive strength of the key players in the smart crop monitoring market based on an analysis of their recent developments, product offerings, and regional presence?
• How is the competitive benchmarking of the key smart crop monitoring companies in the agriculture market based on the analysis of their market coverage and market potential?
• Which type of players and stakeholders are operating in the market ecosystem of smart crop monitoring, and what is their significance in the global market?
• Which are the leading consortiums and associations in the global smart crop monitoring market, and what are their roles in the market? How does the regulatory landscape differ in different regions for smart crop monitoring?
• How are emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G communication, and the Internet of Things (IoT) driving the growth of the smart crop monitoring market?
• Which are the major patents filled in the space?
• How is the role of government regarding environmental issues and safety changing the landscape of the smart crop monitoring industry?
• Which smart crop monitoring technology is expected to be leading the smart crop monitoring market by 2027?
• What has been the impact of COVID-19 on the smart crop monitoring market?
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