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Global Radiation-Hardened Electronics Market Value to Reach $1.93 Billion by 2025

The global radiation hardened electronics market value is projected to reach $1.93 billion by 2025,according to CRI’s new report. The study also highlights that the market value is set to witness a CAGR of 3.90% between 2020 and 2025.

Global Radiation-Hardened Electronics Market: Focus on Manufacturing Technique, Component, and End User – Analysis and Forecast, 2020-2025

The comprehensive research study of the global radiation hardened electronics market covers the following:

• Extensive analysis of market share and competitive benchmarking of key players
• Elaborated sections focused on different types of applications and products
• Company profiling for more than 15 companies
• Detailed global and regional market share analysis including the scrutiny of more than 10 countries

The report encompasses market drivers, challenges, opportunities, competition mapping, benchmarking, and segmental analysis of regions.

This report indicates that the increasing demand for comprehensive radiation-hardened electronics networks over coming years and other manufacturing technologies, and the regulations from multi-national organizations that are fueling the growth of the market.

Along with the drivers, the study highlights the opportunities for the market such as the increased market opportunities by the integration of rad-hard components in space constellation, nuclear industry, aerospace, and low competition for the small and emerging companies by gaining technological competitiveness, which allows them to expand their operations to gain new customers.

To gain a holistic view of the market, data from various segments have been analyzed. These segments include end user, manufacturing technique, component, and region. The segments are further categorized into sub-segments to get an in-depth analysis of the study.

Nilopal Ojha, Lead Analyst, states, ” The radiation-hardened electronics market is bound to grow in the next decade owing to the increase in demand for rad-hard components. The rise in demand for stable and secure electronics components in critical applications like space, military, and medical will provide a positive market impact. The onset of quarts in electronics components is expected to open new business horizons in the market. The current challenges faced by the radiation-hardened electronics market is high manufacturing cost and difficulties in creating a testing environment, which is expected to fade out in the coming years.

Key insights and data triangulation are done from in-depth interviews with leaders of the leading companies and market participants. The key players profiled in the report include 3D Plus (HEICO Corporation), Analog Devices Inc., Anaren Inc. (TTM Technologies), BAE Systems, Cobham plc, Data Device Corporation, Honeywell International Inc., IBM Corporation, Infineon Technologies Inc., Microchip Technology Inc., Micropac Industries Inc., Renesas Electronics Corporation, Solid State Devices Inc., STMicroelectronics N.V., Texas Instruments Inc., Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, The Boeing Company, and Xilinx Inc.

The report also offers strategic recommendations that can help the companies to track various trends, technologies, and products that are changing the market dynamics. The recommendations offer bespoke research services to help companies meet their objectives.

Who should buy this report?

• Manufacturers and suppliers of radiation hardened electronics equipment
• Companies that are focused on providing end-to-end radiation hardened electronics solutions
• Emerging start-ups and government space agencies are engaged in developing and providing technologically innovative products to cater to the rising demand for New Space, the nuclear power industry, and the medical industry
• Private investors interested in entering the radiation hardened electronics industry
• Component providers, including microprocessors and controllers, discrete semiconductors, power sources, memory, field-programmable gate array, analog and mixed signals, sensors, and application-specific integrated circuit, among others.

How can market intelligence on the rad-hard electronics market add value to an organization’s decision-making process?

• Help in analyzing technological substitutes and future trends.
• Aid in targeting a segment for product launch.
• Help in making the strategies required for the market.
• Help in understanding the geographical scenario of the market.
• Aid in analyzing the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
• Assist in exploring new products.

Insightful Questions Covered to Enable Companies to take Strategic Decisions

• What are the trends in the global radiation hardened electronics market across different regions?
• What are the major driving forces expected to increase the demand for radiation hardened electronics during the forecast period 2020-2025?
• What are the major challenges inhibiting the growth of the radiation hardened electronics market?
• What was the revenue generated in the global radiation hardened electronics market by various segments in 2019, and what are the estimates by 2025?
• Which end-user of the radiation hardened electronics market (Space, Military, Nuclear Power Plants, Aerospace, Other (Healthcare and Mining)) is expected to dominate the market in the coming years?
• What is the estimated revenue to be generated by the global radiation hardened electronics market across different regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest-of-the-World) during the forecast period?
• Who are the key players in the global radiation hardened electronics market, and what are the new strategies that are being adopted by them to make a mark in the industry?
• What major opportunities do the radiation hardened electronics market companies foresee in the next ten years?
• What is the impact of COVID-19 on the electronics and manufacturing value chain in upstream, midstream, and downstream parts?
• What is the competitive strength of the key leading players in the radiation hardened electronics market?

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