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Global artificial plants market size to reach approximately USD 780.3million by 2028

Market Forecast

The global artificial plants market size is projected to reach approximately USD 780.3million by 2028, at a CAGR of 4.15% from 2021 to 2028. Artificial plants have become a part of almost every commercial setting. They are placed in the malls, offices, shops to increase the aesthetics of the place and make it look more presentable and fresher. These plants are of different types: stem flowers, whole plants & trees, wood & branches, grass, and others. They are made of various materials such as silk, polyester, paper, cotton, parchment, and rubber.

Along with commercial settings, artificial plants have applications in households as well. Consumers highly prefer them because they make the place look good and sustain in any weather condition without any maintenance cost. Consumers can even have any choice of their seasonal plant in any season.

The global artificial plants market is expected to experience substantial growth in the coming years. Consumers have been inclined toward buying artificial plants in the last few years due to the improved technology and high resemblance of artificial plants to real ones. Moreover, artificial plants do not need any maintenance cost and last for the longest period; this is expected to boost the demand for artificial plants in the next few years. Consumers are becoming busier due to the increasing working members in the family. Owing to the lack of time required for caring for real plants, the artificial plants market is expected to drive market growth in the forecast period.

Moreover, artificial plants also come in fireproof variants and have retardant properties. The fire generated from natural plants can create a lot of heat and smoke, resulting in a difficult situation for people to escape or fight the flames. These fireproof artificial plants are manufactured by using flame-resistant materials and chemicals during the manufacturing process, which helps in making it easy for people to escape the flames. Owing to this, demand for fireproof artificial plants is increasing among many customer groups such as landscapers, architects, and interior designers looking to add a special touch to any project.

Additionally, some people tend to develop allergies to certain types of real plants, which does not happen in artificial plants; this helps in increasing the acceptance of artificial plants among consumers. However, artificial plants do not release oxygen in the air. They also do not help in reducing volatile organic compounds from the air similar to the real plants. This can be a restraining factor for the growth of the global artificial plants market.

Furthermore, there are a few challenges faced by global artificial plants market such as difficulty for customers in switching to artificial plants from natural plants. Natural plants offer the purification of the air and oxygen emission during the day by absorbing various gases through pores on the surface of their leaves. However, artificial plants do not have this advantage which creates a challenging environment for artificial plant market. Moreover, the artificial plants market is highly fragmented owing to the presence of several local & unorganized players in the emerging & under-developed economies.

Market USP

No maintenance cost and longer shelf life.

Growth Opportunities in the Market

Increasing popularity among millennials: Artificial plants are becoming a popular choice among consumers because they do not need any maintenance.  In the long run, gardening of real plants involves more time and effort, and sometimes real plants may also need employing professional gardeners. Owing to this, the cost of maintaining the real plants is naturally high. However, the maintenance of artificial plants does not need extra time or cost. The artificial plants only need dusting once in a while to keep them presentable.Moreover, using plants as a decorative item in the home is a trend for enhancing aesthetics.Previously, artificial plants used to look like plastic and not real at all. However, due to the increasing technological developments, artificial plants these days look very much real; this has increased their demand among millennials, thereby driving the growth of the artificial plant market.

No allergies caused by artificial plants: In many parts of the world,many people are susceptible to several allergies from different plants, even indoor plants. These allergies are airborne, and even direct contact with certain plants can lead to skin reactions. Additionally, some plants discharge spa from the leaves, fruit, or stem, which, when touched, can trigger an allergic reaction; therefore, artificial plants can be a great alternative for original plants. Owing to these, consumers are demanding artificial plants resulting in the high growth of the global artificial plants market.

Key Players

    • Treelocate Ltd. (UK)
    • The Green House (India)
    • Sharetrade Artificial Plant and Tree Co., Ltd. (China)
    • International Plantworks (US)
    • Nearly Natural (US)
    • S. Flower Company Limited (Thailand)
    • Commercial Silk Int’l & Plantscape Inc (US)
    • China Silk Flower Factory (China)
    • GreenTurf (Singapore)
    • International TreeScapes, LLC (US)

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