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Fruit Market Size Will Reach CNY 3,240 Billion by 2024 in China

Fruit production is unevenly distributed in the world. In terms of fruit production volume, Asia ranks the first, accounting for 46.0% of the total and America ranks the second, accounting for 25.3%.

Fruit planting area and output volume grow steadily in China while the import and export deficit shrinks. Fruit planting area increased from 8,932,000 hectares in 2000 to 12,816,000 hectares in 2015 with the CAGR of 2.44%, showing a steady growth trend. Total output volume increased from 214 million tons in 2010 to 274 million tons in 2015 with the CAGR of 5% in China. Net import fruit volume was 1,430,000 tons in China in 2015. Export volume of fresh, dried fruit and nuts was 3,470,000 tons in 2016, up by 21% YOY. The corresponding export value was USD 5.21 billion, up by 6.7%, and net import volume was 500,000 tons, so the deficit shrank in that year.

Fruit consumption (including fruit processing) amounted to 266 million tons in China in 2015, and the CAGR during 2010-2015 was 4.54%. China is far behind the world level in terms of consumption per capita. Annual consumption per capita of fruit (fresh fruit only) was 32kg in China in 2015. According to China Development Outline of Food and Nutrition (2014-2020) issued by General Office of the State Council, fruit consumption per capita will reach 60kg in 2020. However, the present level is far below the health standard, namely 70kg, and is fewer than half of consumption per capita of fruit, namely, 105kg in developed countries.

It is estimated that the CAGR of fruit consumption per capita of rural residents will be 3.5%during 2016 to 2024 and that of urban residents will be 1.2%, and consumption per capita will reach 93.9kg by 2024. The CAGR of the overall scale of fruit consumption will be 2%-3%. If the CAGR is 2%, fruit market size will reach USD 3,240 billion in China.


Reference Report:

Research Report on China Imported Fruit Industry, 2017-2021

In 2016, China imported fruit mainly from about 40 countries and regions, and the major fruit varieties included rambutan, durian, jackfruit, longan, mangosteen, mango and banana. The import value of fruit in China exceeded USD 5 billion in 2016.

Research Report on Cold Chain Logistics Industry in China, 2017-2021

CRI estimates that in 2016 in China, over 130 million tons of goods were transported and distributed via cold chain logistics and the market size was over CNY 130 billion.