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Analysis on Consumer Survey of Edible Vegetable Oil in China

Consumer satisfaction of edible oil industry is relatively stable, which indicates that quality and safety of edible oil industry are stable and satisfactory from the perspective of consumers. According to research datum, brand images and perception quality have large effects on consumer satisfaction whereas perception value has small effect on satisfaction.

In 2016, edible oil industry consumer satisfaction basically keeps the same as the past years. “Safe and clean package” is the highest rated item by interviewees of edible oil while “cooking fumes” is the lowest one.

44% of interviewees express that they eat a relatively fixed brand of edible oil in whom 42% of interviewees do so for they “like cooking taste of the edible oil” and 31% for “trust the brand credit”. Besides, 56% of interviewees said they would change edible oil regularly, 33% of whom mentioned that they mainly valued “cooking taste”; “brand credit “and “recommended by others” were also major reasons of changing edible oil and were mentioned by 30% and 20% respectively.

The most popular brands are: Guchuan, Jiusan and Luhua. Popularityof Arawana, Orchid and Hongqingting are the same as industry average level. For brand images, Luhua and Orchid have higher scores.



Research Report on China Edible Vegetable Oil Industry, 2016-2020

In 2015, the import volume of soybeans was 81.7 million tons increasing by 14.6% YOY with an import value of USD 34.83 billion.


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