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Hot Spots in China’s Photovoltaics Market, 2017

Photovoltaics market was sizzling in the first half year of 2017, hotter than the temperature of a summer day. Several hot sectors are as follows:

1 Photovoltaics Project Investment

It was generally believed that before fair price was set for solar electricity, the 11GW installation of Jun, 2016 and 22GW new installed capacity of the first half of 2016 were unsurpassable.

However, new records created in 2017 was 13.15 GW installation of Jun and 24GW new installed capacity of the first half year

2 Distributed Photovoltaics Project Investment

Due to “Bright Project” started in 2002, “Golden Sun Project” started in 2009, various subsidies given by provincial governments after ““Eight Real Estate Market Regulation Measures” was published, new installed capacity of distributed photovoltaics during 15 years was 10.32GW by the end of 2016.

In First half of 2017, new installed capacity of distributed photovoltaics was 7GW. It is estimated that it will reach 7GW in the last half year and 14 in the whole year, over tripling that of 2016 and exceeding the capacity of the past 15 years.

3 Household Photovoltaics Project

It is preliminarily estimated that new installed capacity of household photovoltaics in 2017 has septupled YOY. Double is not a problem, we almost triple the overall installation capacity!

4 Upstream Manufacture Industry Expansion

The heat of downstream is passed to the upstream.

According to specialist, production of silicon materials will expand for over 20% and production capacity of components will probably reach 90GW by the end of the year.

5 Export Market

American market increases its procurement volume for “US Section 201”. Surging market in India becomes the largest export destination of Chinese photovoltaics products. Many exporters say they have many export orders in hands. In a word, export market is in full swing.



Research Report on China Polysilicon Industry, 2017-2021

Export to emerging markets like India, Turkey, Chile and Pakistan significantly increased while that of occident traditional markets decline to below 30%.


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