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CRI Report: clean label ingredients market is estimated to reach $32.08 billion in 2026

The global clean label ingredients market is estimated to reach $32.08 billion in 2026, reveals the premium market intelligence study by Our Research Team. The study also highlights that the market is set to witness a CAGR of 8.65% during the forecast period 2021-2026.

The growth of the clean label ingredients market is still in the nascent stage. However, there is still a significant share of the population unaware of the clear meaning of the concept and its benefits over artificial additives.

It has been observed that consumers are gradually adopting healthy eating ingredients and products, thereby surging the growth of organic and or clean labeled ingredients in their food. Significant demand for organic food on account of it being a source of preventive health measure is driving the awareness for clean labeled organic consumables. As a result of which, food companies are choosing to differentiate their offerings by marketing their products certified and labeled as organic with detailed information on the ingredients.

This report will help with the following objectives:

• Major regions associated with the clean label ingredients market.
• Extensive competitive benchmarking of the top 25 players has been done to offer a holistic view of the global clean label ingredients market landscape.

According to Rakhi Tanwar, Principal Analyst, Our Research Team, “The clean label ingredients market is the food industry’s response to consumers’ rising demand for consumables infused with clean and familiar ingredients and eliminating the artificial additives. Also post the pandemic, consumers have restricted their purchase frequency of junk food and drinks and have opted for sustainable food products with clean label and healthy attributes as well. Therefore, food and beverage manufacturers are emphasizing to establish a balance between fulfilling the high clean label requirements and retaining the visual appearance of food and drink products.”

Key Companies Operating in the Market

The global clean label ingredients market comprises players such as Ingredion Incorporated, Sensient Technologies, Kerry Group plc, Tate & Lyle PLC, Brisan Group, DuPont, Cargill, Incorporated, Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, Corbion Inc., and Givaudan, among others.

The companies that are profiled in the report have been selected based on the selective pool of players, primarily Tier-1 (holding 50-60% of the market), mid-segment players (comprising 30-40% share), and small and emerging companies (holding the balance 10-20% share), based on various factors such as product portfolio, annual revenues, market penetration, research, and development initiatives, along with a domestic and international presence in the Clean Label Ingredients industry.

Key Questions Answered in the Report

• What is the estimated global clean label ingredients market size in terms of revenue for the forecast period 2021-2026, and what is the expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period 2021-2026?
• What are the key trends, market drivers, and opportunities in the market pertaining to clean label ingredients?
• What are the major restraints inhibiting the growth of the global clean label ingredients market?
• What kinds of new strategies are being adopted by the existing market players to expand their market position in the industry?
• What is the competitive strength of the key players in the clean label ingredients market based on an analysis of their recent developments, product offerings, and regional presence?
• How is the competitive benchmarking of the key clean label ingredients companies in the food & beverage market based on the analysis of their market coverage and market potential?
• How much revenue each of the segments is expected to record during the forecast period along with the growth percentage, in the following segments:
o Application, including food and beverages
o Product including baking staples, emulsifiers, starch & sweeteners, food colors & flavors and others
o Region, including North America, the U.K., Europe, Asia-Pacific and Japan, China, the Middle East and Africa, and South America
• Which type of players and stakeholders are operating in the market ecosystem of clean label ingredients, and what is their significance in the global market?
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