Research Report on China Valve Industry, 2014-2018

Currently, China's valve manufacturing industry can provide about 12 categories with over 3,000 models of products in over 4,000 specifications.
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The competition in global valve manufacturing enterprises is fierce. There is no monopoly till now. West European valve manufacture enterprises, e.g. Germany, the U.K. and France take up 40% global market share while the production and export of valves in Asia-Pacific region mainly concentrate in India, China and Japan. Valve products made in Japan are mainly high-end while those made in India and China are low-end.

To survive in the global competition and lower the cost, many world famous valve manufacturers transfer their factories to China, India, Korea and Middle Europe from North America, Europe and Japan.

Currently, China's valve manufacturing industry can provide about 12 categories with over 3,000 models of products in over 4,000 specifications. The parameter performance ranges from vacuum valve to ultra high pressure valve in 600Mpa and the temperature ranges from low -196℃ to high 570 ℃. Major products can basically fit the domestic market demand. With the improvement in complete set ratio, complete set level and ability, the industry has founded a base.

Since China's reform and opening-up, China's valve industry has fast developed to be the largest manufacturer in the globe. In 2012, the output volume of valves in China reached 7.213 million tons. The CAGR of the output volume in 2002-2012 is 25.2%. In 2012, the gross output value of the industry exceeded CNY 210 billion. In 2012, there are over 1500 state-owned valve enterprises with annual sales revenue of CNY 20 million (about USD 3.2 million). Meanwhile, there are thousands of small-scale enterprises and household workshops.

Currently, about 50% of global valve parts are purchased from China. China has been the largest exporter of valves.

Global purchase of petroleum equipment drives Chinese valve devices to the overseas market. Price advantage is one major factor attracting foreign buyers; besides, the delivery advantage is another factor. For instance, the delivery of Chinese valves is about 6 to 8 weeks while that of European valves is as long as 6 to 24 weeks. Chinese factories can further shorten the delivery.

In China, some ordinary valve product market has been saturated, which hinder the development of medium to small scale enterprises. Even for those products with high technology contents, the competition in the global market is also fierce. Heat valve, environment protection valve, building valve, etc. can be found on China market. However, the products are still on low-end level. The industry concentration rate of China valve market is still low. Qualities of different products are not the same. The overall technology level of China valve industry still lag behind that of developed countries'. Domestic enterprises lack independent intellectual property rights and core technology, which leads failure in global high-end market. High-end demand is satisfied by import. In 2012, the import value of valves in China exceeded USD 6 billion.

With the economic development, demand for valves in China is still growing. On the whole, the prospect of China valve industry is good.

In the next 2-3 years, China may exceed the U.S.A. to be the largest valve market in the world.

Although the labor cost is increasing and core technical talents is scarce, the large market potential provides opportunities for foreign capitals in China valve market.

Readers can obtain the following information or more through this report:
- supply and demand of China valve industry
- Key enterprises in China valve market and their operation statuses
- Competition status of China valve market
-Import and Export of valves in China
- Factors influencing the development of China valve industry
- Potential investment opportunities in valve-related industries in China
-Forecast on China valve industry

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Table of Contents
1 Basic Concept of Valves
1.1 Definition and Classification of Valves
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification and Use
1.2 Operation Status of Global Valve Industry, 2012-2013
1.2.1 West Europe
1.2.2 Middle and East Europe
1.2.3 America
1.2.4 Asia Pacific
1.2.5 Characteristics of Global Valve Market
1.3 Major Countries Manufacturing Valves
1.3.1 the U.S.A.
1.3.2 Japan
1.3.3 Germany
1.3.4 China
1.4 Major Valve Manufacturing Enterprises
1.4.1 Tyco
1.4.2 Flowserve
1.4.3 Emerson

2 Supply and Demand of China Valve Industry, 2008-2013
2.1 Status of the Valve Industry in China National Economy
2.1.1 Status
2.1.2 Market Size
2.2 Production of China Valve Industry, 2009-2013
2.2.1 Production Capacity
2.2.2 Output Volume
2.2.3 Output Volume By Region
2.3 Import and Export of Valves in China, 2010-2013
2.3.1 Import
2.3.2 Export

3 Demand of China Valve Market, 2009-2013
3.1 Demand
3.1.1 Overall Demand
3.1.2 Application Fields
3.2 Factors Influencing Demand for Valve Products in China
3.2.1 Economic Situation
3.2.2 Government Policies
3.2.3 Technology
3.3 Niche Demand Fields of Valves in China, 2009-2013
3.3.1 Valves for Petrochemical Devices
3.3.2 Valves for Urban Buildings
3.3.3 Valves for Urban Heat Supply
3.3.4 Valves for Environment Protection
3.3.5 Valves for Urban Gas Supply
3.3.6 Valves for Long-distance Pipelines
3.3.7 Valves for Power Stations
3.3.8 Valves for Metallurgy
3.3.9 Valves for Offshore Platform
3.3.10 Valves for Food and Pharmaceuticals

4 Analysis on Market Competition in China Valve Industry, 2009-2013
4.1 Overview on Market Competition
4.1.1 Barriers to Entry and Exit
4.1.2 Industry Concentration Rate
4.1.3 Mergers and Acquisitions
4.2 Major Players in the Competition
4.2.1 Domestic Enterprises
4.2.2 Foreign Funded Enterprises
4.3 Competition Structure
4.3.1 Upstream Suppliers
4.3.2 Downstream Customers
4.3.3 Inside Competitions
4.3.4 Potential Entrants
4.3.5 Substitutes

5 Major Domestic Valve Manufacturing Enterprises in China, 2009-2013
5.1 SUFA Technology Industry Co., Ltd. of CNNC
5.1.1 Enterprise Profile
5.1.2 Operation Status
5.1.3 Product Features
5.1.4 Enterprise Development Strategies
 (5.2-5.10 are similar to 5.1 )
5.2 Zhuzhou Southern Valve Co., Ltd.
5.3 Dalian DV Valve Co., Ltd.(DDVC)
5.4 Liangjing Group
5.5 Huanqiu Valve Group Co., Ltd.
5.6 Zigong High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd.
5.7 Zhejiang CHAODA Valve Co., Ltd.
5.8 Shanghai Lianggong Valve Factory Co., Ltd.
5.9 Guangdong Mingzhu Group Co., Ltd.
5.10 Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery Co., Ltd.

6 Foreign Funded Enterprises on China Valve Market, 2009-2013
6.1 Tyco
6.1.1 Global Business Profile
6.1.2 Layout in China
6.2 Danfoss
6.3 KSB
6.4 Emerson
6.6 Spirax Sarco
6.7 Armstrong
6.8 Azbil Corporation (formerly Yamatake Corporation)
6.9 Caleffi SPA
6.10 KOSO

7 Prospect of China Valve Industry, 2014-2018
7.1 Factors Influencing Development
7.1.1 Policy Environment
7.1. 2 Economic Environment
7.2 Forecast on Supply of China Valve Industry, 2014-2018
7.2.1 Forecast on Output Volume
7.2.2 Forecast on Product Category
7.3 Forecast on Demand
7.3.1 Forecast on Demand Fields
7.3.2 Forecast on Market Scale
7.3 Analysis on Investment Risk in China Valve Industry
7.3.1 Market Risk
7.3.2 Policy Risk
7.3.3 Operation Risk
7.4 Development Trend of Subsectors of China Valve Industry
7.4.1 Valves for Petroleum & Natural Gas Well Head Assemblies and Pipelines
7.4.2 Valves for Nuclear Power
7.4.3 Valves for Petrochemistry & Electric Power
7.4.4 Valves for Environment Protection
7.4.5 Valves for Metallurgy System
7.4.6 Valves for Chemical Equipment Set
7.4.7 Valves for Urban Buildings
7.5 Investment Strategies of China Valve Industry

Selected Charts
Chart Demand Structures of Chinese Valve Market 2013
Chart Output Volume of Valves in China, 2002-2013
Chart Output Volume of Valves By Region in China, 2012
Chart Output Volume of Valves By Region in China, 2013
Chart Exports of Chinese Valve Industry, 2009-2013
Chart Imports of Chinese Valve Industry, 2009-2013
Chart Domestic demand of valve in China 2009-2013
Chart Concentrations of Chinese Valve Industry, 2004-2013
Chart Operations of CNNC Sufa Technology Industry Co., Ltd, 2009-2013
Chart Operations of Zhuzhou Southern Valve Co., Ltd, 2009-2013
Chart Operations of Liangjing Group, 2009-2013
Chart Operations of GHUANQIU VALVE GROUP CO., LTD, 2009-2013
Chart Operations of Zigong High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd, 2009-2013
Chart Operations of Zhejiang CHAODA Valve Co., Ltd, 2009-2013
Chart Operations of SHANGHAI LIANGGONG VALVE FACTORY CO., LTD, 2009-2013
Chart Revenues of GUANGDONG MINGZHU GROUP CO., LTD, 2009-2013
Chart Operations of Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery Co., Ltd, 2009-2013
Chart Major Manufacture Bases of Tyco in China
Chart Forecast on Output of Valves in China 2014-2018
Chart Forecast on Market Size of valves in China 2014-2018

Research Report on China Valve Industry, 2017-2021

A valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways.