Research Report on China Condom Industry, 2013-2017

Condom industry belongs to relative special industries in China. Its market can be divided into two parts. One is government purchase. Chinese government purchases over 1 billion condoms every year, which are used in birth control…
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Condom industry belongs to relative special industries in China. Its market can be divided into two parts. One is government purchase. Chinese government purchases over 1 billion condoms every year, which are used in birth control and venereal disease (VD) protection for free . Although, the number of condoms purchased by Chinese government is huge, the average unit price is extremely low. The other is the commercial market, covering products from low end to high end with yearly growing shares.

In 1974, Chinese government enlisted condoms into contraceptive drugs and tools that are freely provided for people at the reproductive age. From 1985, the government's formal purchase of condoms was gradually conducted. In 2005, Chinese government started condom purchase for preventing AIDS for the first time and distributed 3.05 million condoms to hotels, amusement places and communities for free. It was also the first time that Chinese government purchased condoms with special financial allocation to prevent AIDS. Condoms purchased by Chinese government are distributed to every enterprise, public institutions through the subordinate contraceptives stations. Along with the sharp increase of floating population and the improving personalized requirements on condoms, the importance of this route slightly declined.

In 2012, Chinese government purchased about 1.35 billion condoms for free distribution. Generally speaking, the number of condoms purchased by Chinese government is declining year after year. Although the purchasing price of government is much lower than the average retail price, government purchase is an important marketing goal of some condom manufacturers due to its huge amount and profound influence in promoting brands.

There are over 300 million sexually active men in China and the domestic consumption volume of condoms exceeded 9 billion in 2012. China has always been the net exporter of condoms in recent years with import and export volume of condoms exceeding 4,000 tons in 2012.

According to the research of China Research and Intelligence (CRI), in 2012, the domestic sales volume of condoms was about 9.55 billion in China, increasing by 9.77% YOY. The annual growth rate of domestic condom sales volume in 2011-2012 was lower than that was forecasted by CRI in 2009, which mainly because of the declining volume of government purchase and the lack of influential new products in China condom market. Therefore, the growth rate can increase steadily instead of booming.

In 2012, the market scale of condoms was about CNY 7.65 billion in China, increasing by 12.8% YOY. Among that, the share of government purchase declined constantly. The growth rate of sales value is higher than that of sales volume in China condom market, which results from the constant upgrading of China condom market and the continuous increase of the average retail price.

Sexual concept has changed significantly in Chinese modern society, so condoms have developed with new functions like entertainment and health protection from the traditional functions of contraception and VD prevention. Along with the homogenized competition in China condom market, to develop condom products with new functions has become the focus of enterprises.

Currently, special condoms developed for special populations have appeared in China market, such as homosexual condoms, "female CSW condoms", etc.

Homosexual condoms refer to condoms designed for gays and lesbians, which are mainly for groups like gays, lesbians, etc. Its major characteristic is super-thick and super-smooth design with special lubricants. CRI predicts that the population of gays accounts for 3% to 5% of the total male population (20 million to 30 million gays), among that the population of sexually active gays is about 5 million to 10 million. Besides, there are still a considerable amount of lesbians in China, so the market potential of homosexual condoms is huge in China.

Female CSW condoms are specially designed for female commercial sex workers. Along with the rapid growth of Chinese economy and the increase of floating population, the number of female sex workers has reached 6 million to 10 million in China, with annual sex trade times exceeding 2 billion. Therefore, some enterprises released condoms with low prices and reliable performance for such market.

Along with the constant improvement of Chinese economy, the increase of floating population and the declining fertility rate caused by one-child policies and the rising status of women in China, CRI predicts that the demand for condoms in fields like contraception and VD prevention will keep increasing constantly. CRI predicts that the CAGR of annual condom demand will reach over 8% and that of market scale will reach over 10% in China in 2013-2017. For global condom manufacturing enterprises and brand enterprises, there are great commercial opportunities in China market.

China Research and Intelligence focuses on China condom industry and persistently observes many aspects of condom industry including manufacturing, marketing, import & export, consumer behaviors and so on. CRI has acquired rich materials.

Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:
-Supply and Demand of Condoms in China
-Major Condom Consumption Fields in China
-Import and Export of Condoms
-Analysis on Behaviors of Condom Consumers
-Investment Opportunities in China Condom Industry
-Forecast on Development of China Condom Industry

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-Condom Manufacturers
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Relevant Concepts of Condoms in China
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.1.3 New Type Condoms
1.2 Major Applications of Condoms in China
1.2.1 Contraception
1.2.2 Prevention of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
1.2.3 Therapeutic Effects
1.3 Development Environment of China Condom Industry
1. 3.1 Economy Environment
1. 3.2 Policy Environment
1.3.3 Social Environment
1.3.4 China Compulsory Certification (CCC) of Condoms

Chapter 2 Market Status of China Condom Industry, 2011-2013
2.1 Production Status
2.2 Demand Status
2.2.1 Government Purchase
2.2.2 Commercial Market
2.3 Status of Import and Export
2.3.1 Export
2.3.2 Import

Chapter 3 Analysis on Distribution Channels of Condoms in China, 2011-2013
3.1 Government Purchase
3.1.1 Overview
3.1.2 Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages
3.2 Retail Stores (Pharmacy, Supermarket, Convenience Store, etc.)
3. 2.1 Overview
3. 2.2 Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages
3.3 Places for Sex Trade
3. 3.1 Overview
3.3.2 Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages
3.4 Guesthouses and Hotels
3. 4.1 Overview
3. 4.2 Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages
3.5 Vending Machines
3. 5.1 Overview
3. 5.2 Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages
3.6 Online Sales
3. 6.1 Overview
3.6.2 Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages

Chapter 4 Market Competition Status of China Condom Industry, 2011-2013
4.1 Overview on Competition Status
4.1.1 Process of Market Competition
4.1.2 Competitions Between Foreign-funded Enterprises and China Domestic Enterprises
4.1.3 Problems of Domestic Enterprises
4.2 Marketing Strategies of Condoms in China

Chapter 5 Survey on Condom Consumer Behaviors in China, 2012-2013
5.1 Reasons for Use
5.2 Purchase Channels
5.3 Range of Prices
5.4 Brand Loyalty
5.5 Brand Recognition
5.6 Reasons for Purchasing Condoms
5.7 Choices for Packaging
4.8 Conclusion

Chapter 6 Analysis on Major Suppliers in China Condom Industry, 2012-2013
6.1 Qingdao London Durex Co., LTD
6.2 Wuhan Jissbon Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.
6.3 Guilin Latex Factory
6.4 Shuangyi Latex Factory
6.5 Shenyang Tiandi Latex Co. , Ltd.
6.6 Qingdao Double Butterfly Group Co., LTD
6.7 Dalian Latex Co., Ltd.
6.8 Shanghai Latex Factory
6.9 Tanjin Zhongsheng Latex Co., Ltd.
6.10 Hebei Angel Latex Co., Ltd.
6.11 Suzhou Jialewei Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.
6.12 Zhejiang Xiangban Latex Products Co., Ltd.
6.13 Hunan Yunyang Latex Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.
6.14 Shanghai Mingbang Rubber Products Co., Ltd.
6.15 Henan Xibei Rubber Co., Ltd.
6.16 Guangdong Tongde Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
6.17 Yantai Siwei Hi-tech Biochemical Co., Ltd.
6.18 Okamoto Co., Ltd.

Chapter 7 Outlook of China Condom Industry, 2013-2017
7.1 Analysis on Influencing Factors of Development
7.1.1 Economic Environment
7.1.2 Policy Environment
7.1.3 Social Environment
7.2 Prediction on Market Trend
7.2.1 Supply Trend
7.2.2 Forecast on Government Purchase
7.2.3 Forecast on Market Demand
7.2 Forecast on Product Trend
7.2.1 Trend of Material Development
7.2.2 Processing Technology
7.2.3 Trend of Appearance and Others
7.3 Recommendations on Development and Investment in China Condom Industry
7.3.1 Forecast on Investment Opportunity
7.3.2 Development Recommendations

Selected Charts
Chart Introduction on New Products in China's Condom Market
Chart Output of Condoms in China, 2008-2012
Chart The Quantity of Condoms Purchased by Chinese Government, 2008-2012
Chart Sales Volume of Condoms in Society (Commercial Market) in China, 2008-2012
Chart Retail Sales Volume of Condoms in Commercial Market in China, 2008-2012
Chart Domestic Demand for Condoms in China, 2008-2012
Chart Market Scale of Condoms in China, 2008-2012
Chart Export Volume and Value of Condoms in China, 2010-2012
Chart Top 20 Export Destinations of China's Condoms in 2012
Chart Import Status of China's Condoms, 2010-2012
Chart Major Sources of Condom Import in China in 2012
Chart Designated Condom Producers and Condom Brands by Chinese Government, 2012-2013
Chart Reasons for Condom Uses from Consumers in 2012
Chart Major Channels for Condom Purchases in China in 2012
Chart Estimation on the Volume of Condoms Consumed in Sex Trade, 2008-2012
Chart Estimation on the Number of Males in Sexually Active Period Among China's Floating Population, 2008-2012
Chart Retail Price of Selected Durex Condoms in China's Market (Twelve-Packed) for Reference
Chart Sales Value of Wuhan Jissbon Sanitary Products Company Ltd., 2008-2012
Chart Retail Price of Selected Jissbon Condoms in China's Market
Chart Retail Price of Condoms Produced by Dalian Latex Co., Ltd.
Chart Forecast on the Volume of Condoms Purchased by the Chinese Government, 2013-2017
Chart Forecast on the Scale of China's Condom Market, 2013-2017

Research Report on China Condom Industry, 2017-2021

Functions of condoms expand from mere contraception to prevention of STDs and improving the quality of sex life.