Global Data Management Platform Market Research Report


Global Data Management Platform Market, By Data Type (first party, second party, third party) By Data Source (Web analytics tools, mobile web, Mobile apps, CRM data, POS data, Social network), By End Users (Ad Agencies, marketers, Publishers)


Market Analysis
Through the data management platform, one can collect data from various sources including mobile web, social networks, mobile apps, CRM, and stores that provide beneficial information for the users such as like marketers, ad agencies, and publishers. The data management platform is significantly used to extend the audience division by understanding the structure of the crowd by gadget, application, and environment to build the viability of the group of audience commitment. This is additionally to screen the advertisement campaigns to recognize the purposes of transformation and furthermore to customize the campaigns to expand the adequacy. The Data Management Platform additionally benefits the end users to investigate the information and match the customers over different devices. It likewise encourages the advertisers to build the conversion at each stage. The Data Management Platform market is anticipated to reach the valuation of USD 3 billion by the end of the year 2023 by growing at 15% CAGR during the forecast period 2017 – 2023.
The main factor for the development of the Data management Platform is for the advertisers and marketers to get the point by point data about the client to make customized and strategically determined promotions for higher transformation rates, ROI and client maintenance. Some of the innovative features that Data management Platform offers are Audience segmentation, Tag Management, media integration, audience analytics, and campaign analysis.
Market Segmentation
The division of the Data Management Platform is made based on its Data type, End Users, Data Source, and regional demand. Based on its Data type, the market is further segmented into first party, second party and third-party data. Based on its Data source, the global data management platform market is divided into the mobile web, web analytics tools, mobile apps, POS data, and social networks among others. The global data management platform market mainly targets end-user industry like the marketers, ad agencies, and publishers as its end users.
Regional Analysis
The market for Data management Platform is globally segmented under Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Rest of the world.
Key Players
The global Data Management Platform (DMP) market has prominent key players including Oracle Corporation (U.S.), KBM Group LLC (U.S.), Adobe Systems Inc (U.S.), Rocket Fuel, Inc (U.S.), Lotame Solutions Inc (U.S.), Krux Digital Inc (U.S.), Turn Inc (U.S.), SAS Institute (U.S.), Neustar, Inc (U.S.), SAP SE (Germany), Informatica (U.S.), Cloudera Inc (U.S.).

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1 Market Dynamics
1.1 Market Growth Factors
1.1.1 Growing Demand for Content Personalization
1.1.2 Increasing Popularity of Artificial Intelligence
1.1.3 Multichannel Integration
1.2 Restraints
1.2.1 Regulatory Restrictions
1.2.2 Technical Complexities
1.3 Market Opportunities
1.3.1 Digital Advertising
1.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
2 Global Data Management Platform Market, By Data Type
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Sub-segment
2.2.1 First Party Data
2.2.2 Second Party Data
2.2.3 Third Party Data
3 Global Data Management Platform Market, By Data Source
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Sub-Segment
3.2.1 Web Analytics Tools
3.2.2 Mobile Web
3.2.3 Mobile Apps
3.2.4 CRM Data
3.2.5 POS Data
3.2.6 Social Network
3.2.7 Others
4 Global Data Management Platform Market, By End User
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Sub-Segment
4.2.1 Ad Agencies
4.2.2 Marketers
4.2.3 Publishers
5 Global Data Management Platform Market, By Region
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market, By Regions
5.2.1 North America U.S. Canada Mexico
5.2.2 Europe UK Germany France Italy Rest of Europe
5.2.3 Asia-Pacific China Japan India South Korea Rest of Asia Pacific
5.2.4 Rest of the World (RoW)
6 Competitive Landscape
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Market Share Analysis
6.3 Company Profiles
6.3.1 Oracle Corporation (U.S.) Company Overview Product/Services Offering Business Strategy SWOT Analysis
6.3.2 Adobe Systems Incorporated (U.S.) Company Overview Product/Services Offering Business Strategy SWOT Analysis
6.3.3 KBM Group LLC (U.S.) Company Overview Product/Services Offering Business Strategy SWOT Analysis
6.3.4 Rocket Fuel, Inc. (U.S.) Company Overview Products/Services Offering Business Strategy SWOT Analysis
6.3.5 Salesforce Inc.(U.S.) Company Overview Product/ Service offered Strategy SWOT Analysis
6.3.6 Lotame Solutions Inc. (U.S.) Company overview Product/ Service offering
6.3.7 Turn Inc. (U.S.) Company Overview Product/ Service offered
6.3.8 Neustar, Inc. (U.S.) Company Overview Product/ Service offered
6.3.9 SAS Institute (U.S.) Company Overview Product/ Service offered
6.3.10 Cloudera Inc. Company Overview Products/Services Offered
6.3.11 SAP SE (Germany) Business Overview Product/Services Offered
6.3.12 Informatica (U.S.) Company Overview Products/Services Offered
6.3.13 V12 Data Company Overview Product/Services Offering
7 Appendix
7.1 Scope of the Study
7.1.1 Research Objective
7.1.2 Assumption
7.1.3 Limitation
7.2 Market Structure
8 Research Methodologies
8.1 Research Process
8.2 Primary Research
8.3 Secondary Research
8.4 Market Size Estimation
8.5 Forecast Softwarel