Data source

Our data is collected from governmental organizations and various non-profit institutions. We will specify all data sources in the report, to respect copyright and clear responsibilities. Raw data from different organizations and institutions will be re-estimated and re-calculated by CRI analysts based on actual situations and assumptions.

Market Research

During the research process, CRI conducts numerous surveys and visits and obtains a large amount of first-hand data. To respect personal privacy, we cannot provide the names, telephone numbers or other personal information to clients if respondents refuse to reveal their names, identities, etc. We guarantee our researches are objective without misleading.

Errors and Standard

As errors exist in statistical standards, data process and the understanding of respondents about questions, we cannot guarantee the data we provide is 100% real (actually 100% is impossible), but we try our best to make sure the data is objective and impartial when we collect and cite second-hand data and process, use and predict first-hand data.

Research Attitude

CRI is not related to the operation status and market position of any enterprises researched. We never deliberately distort the data or mislead the readers.  

Major Methodology

Data base / second-hand information

Market segmentation/surveys

Telephone interview

Expert meeting