Armored Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems
Aerospace Industry Analysis

Armored Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems Market to Boost in 2021

The top five military spenders, namely, the US, China, India, Russia, and the UK, accounted for an almost 62% share of the global military expenditure.

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Automobile Industry Analysis

US Import Volume of Tires from China Decreased by 10.8% in 2018Q1

In Mar. 2018, the US import volume of tires reached 19.02 million, decreasing by 8.9% over the previous year and increasing by 2.7% over the previous month. Among them, passenger tires were 11.83 million, falling by 10% YOY and increasing by 6.3% MOM. Tires of trucks and passenger vehicles were 3.44 million, with an increment of 0.4% over the previous year and 8.5% over the previous month. Related report: In March, the US imported tires from China reached 3.78 million, dropping by 10.8% YOY and 10% MOM. Among them,…

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Automobile Energy & Chemicals Industry Analysis

Global Tubeless Tire Market

Globally, the market for Tubeless Tire is growing at a CAGR of 7.15% during the forecast period (2017-2023). The tubeless tire also known as inflated tires, does not require any inner tube inside the tire. It consists of a molded rim, through which air is inserted inside the tire to seal the projections of the wheel rim. The tradition tires had a tube inserted into the wheel, which is not sustainable for a longer time. Tubeless tires are sustainable for longer period, due to which it is safer than tube…

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Industry Analysis

Analysis on Prospects of Construction Machinery Industry

In terms of the sales volume of new machines in the construction machinery industry, with stable infrastructure investment and start-ups of real estate in 2016, the high growth of excavator sales was mainly driven by the machine updating in the infrastructure and real estate starts at the downstream. In 2017, since the investment on the real estate and infrastructure increased and PPP projects landed, China’s market demand for excavating machines achieved substantial growth. Meanwhile, company’s business indicators turned optimistic and the entire industry began to restore. In 2016, manufacturers such…

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