A-Share Listed Electric Components and Equipment Companies – Profiles and Financial Data


Electric equipment refers to generators, transformers, circuits and circuit breakers in the electrical system. Upstream industries of electric equipment include non-ferrous metal processing, machine tool, instrument and electronic components.

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Electric equipment refers to generators, transformers, circuits and circuit breakers in the electrical system. Upstream industries of electric equipment include non-ferrous metal processing, machine tool, instrument and electronic components. Downstream industries include power grid, industry and service sectors. China has established a complete electric equipment and component industry chain.
By the end of 2016, there were 4,000 wire and cable manufacturers in China, leading to fierce market competition. Products produced by local manufacturers are concentrated in the mid to low-end markets. The industry concentration rate is low with small and medium enterprises accounting for over 95%. In 2016, the revenue of the wire and cable manufacturing industry was CNY 1.3 trillion. It is estimated that CAGR from 2017 to 2021 will reach 5%, bringing revenue to CNY 1.66 trillion in 2021.
In 2016, the production volume of power generating equipment was 140.66 million kw, increasing by 13.1% YOY. The average utilization time of power generating equipment was 3,785 hours, down by 203 hours YOY. This is the lowest level since 1964, which is due primarily to overcapacity.
CRI expects that China’s electric component and equipment industry will keep growing in the next few years. For one thing, this will benefit from improving urbanization and increasing investment in infrastructure such power grid. For another, policies will support the industry’s development. For example, Made in China 2025 set the target that by 2020, the scale of China’s advanced power generating equipment industry shall have reached 100 million kw per year with 90% of independence level. The production value of the power transmission and transformation industry shall have reached CNY 2.2 trillion with more than 80% of key components being produced independently.
In this report, CRI analyzes 123 electric components and equipment manufacturers listed in A-share market in China.
The report is composed of two parts: the first part is enterprise profiles and the second part is the operation status of these enterprises in the recent decade (presently 2006 to 2016, we will update it to the latest as time goes by).
The operation status is demonstrated from the following perspectives: (1) financial indexes, such as earnings per share, book value per share (BPS), sales per share, net cash flow per share, return on net worth and debt to asset ratio; (2) indexes on the income statement, such as revenue, operating profit, net profit and EBIT; (3) indexes on the income statement, such as revenue, operating profit, net profit and EBIT; (4) indexes on the balance sheet, such as liquid asset, fixed asset, current liability, non-current liability, capital reserve and shareholders’ equity.

(1) Financial Indexes
– Earnings per Share
– Book Value per Share (BPS)
– Sales per Share (SPS)
– Net Cash Flow per Share from Operations
– Net Cash Flow per Share (CNY)
– Return on Net Worth
– Net Profit Margin on Total Assets
– Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) (%)
– Gross Profit Margin on Sales (%)
– Net Profit Margin on Sales (%)
– EBIT Margin (%)
– EBITDA Margin (%)
– Debt to Asset Ratio (%)
– Total Asset Turnover (times)
– Cash/Operating Income Received from Sales of Goods or Services
– YOY Growth Rate of Operating Revenue (%)
– YOY Growth Rate of Operating Profit (%)
– YOY Growth Rate of Net Profit Attributable to Shareholders of Parent Company (%)

(2) Summary of Income Statement
– Gross Revenue (CNY, million)
– Total Operating Costs (CNY, million)
– Revenue (CNY, million)
– Operating Profit (CNY, million)
– Total Profit (CNY, million)
– Net Profit (CNY, million)
– Net Profit Attributable to Shareholders of Parent Company (CNY, million)
– Non-recurring Items (CNY, million)
– Net Profit Deducting Non-recurring Items (CNY, million)
– R&D Costs (CNY, million)
– Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) (CNY, million)
– Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) (CNY, million)

(3) Summary of Balance Sheet
– Liquid Asset (CNY, million)
– Fixed Asset (CNY, million)
– Long-term Equity Investment
– Total Assets (CNY, million)
– Liquid Liability (CNY, million)
– Non-current Liability (CNY, million)
– Total Liability (CNY, million)
– Capital Reserve (CNY, million)
– Surplus Reserve (CNY, million)
– Undistributed Profit (CNY, million)
– Shareholders’ Equity (CNY, million)
– Equity Attributable to Shareholders of Parent Company (CNY, million)

(4) Summary of Cash Flow Statement
– Cash Received from Sales of Goods and Services (CNY, million)
– Cash Flow from Operations (CNY, million)
– Cash Paid to Purchase Fixed Assets, Intangible Assets and Other Long-term Assets (CNY, million)
– Cash Paid for Investments (CNY, million)
– Cash Flow from Investments (CNY, million)
– Cash Received from Investors (CNY, million)
– Cash Received from Borrowings (CNY, million)
– Cash Flow from Financing (CNY, million)
– Net Increase of Cash and Cash Equivalents (CNY, million)
– Cash and Cash Equivalents, End of Period (CNY, million)
– Depreciation and Amortization (CNY, million)

Companies in the report:
1 Zhuhai XJ Electric Co., Ltd. (000400.SZ)
2 Northeast Electric Development Co., Ltd. (000585.SZ)
3 Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd. (000682.SZ)
4 Galaxy Biomedical Investment Co., Ltd. (000806.SZ)
5 Infore Environment Technology Group Co., Ltd. (000967.SZ)
6 Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. (002028.SZ)
7 San Bian Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (002112.SZ)
8 Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd. (002121.SZ)
9 Montnets Rongxin Technology Group Co., Ltd. (002123.SZ)
10 Shenzhen Woer Heat-Shrinkable Material Co., Ltd. (002130.SZ)
11 Infund Holding Co., Ltd. (002141.SZ)
12 Shenzhen Hifuture Electric Co., Ltd. (002168.SZ)
13 Guangzhou Zhiguang Electric Co., Ltd. (002169.SZ)
14 Guangdong Nanyang Cable Group Holding Co., Ltd. (002212.SZ)
15 Shenzhen Auto Electric Power Plant Co., Ltd. (002227.SZ)
16 Aotecar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (002239.SZ)
17 Huaming Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (002270.SZ)
18 Zhejiang Wanma Co., Ltd. (002276.SZ)
19 Fujian Nanping Sun Cable Co., Ltd. (002300.SZ)
20 Zhongli Science And Technology Group Co., Ltd. (002309.SZ)
21 Ningbo Ligong Environment and Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (002322.SZ)
22 Shenzhen Invt Electric Co., Ltd. (002334.SZ)
23 Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd. (002335.SZ)
24 Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd. (002339.SZ)
25 Shanghai Kuozhong Group Co., Ltd. (002346.SZ)
26 Beijing Creative Distribution Automation Co., Ltd. (002350.SZ)
27 Shenzhen Hemei Group Co., Ltd. (002356.SZ)
28 Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. (002358.SZ)
29 Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric Co., Ltd. (002364.SZ)
30 Shanghai Morn Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. (002451.SZ)
31 Hunan Changgao High Voltage Switchgear Group Co., Ltd. (002452.SZ)
32 Jiangsu Zhongchao Holding Co., Ltd. (002471.SZ)
33 Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co., Ltd. (002498.SZ)
34 Shenzhen Kstar Science And Technology Co., Ltd. (002518.SZ)
35 Gold Cup Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd. (002533.SZ)
36 Nanjing Xinlian Electronics Co., Ltd. (002546.SZ)
37 Henan Tong-Da Cable Co., Ltd. (002560.SZ)
38 Jiangsu Tongda Power Technology Co., Ltd. (002576.SZ)
39 Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co., Ltd. (002580.SZ)
40 Dalian Insulator Group Co., Ltd. (002606.SZ)
41 Roshow Technology Co., Ltd. (002617.SZ)
42 Rongyu Group Co., Ltd. (002622.SZ)
43 Meson Fintech Co., Ltd. (002647.SZ)
44 Beijing Shouhang Resources Saving Co., Ltd. (002665.SZ)
45 Recon Wenyuan Cable Co., Ltd. (002692.SZ)
46 Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co., Ltd. (002706.SZ)
47 Hollyland (China) Electronics Technology Corp., Ltd. (002729.SZ)
48 Dianguang Explosion-Proof Technology Co., Ltd. (002730.SZ)
49 Hangzhou Weiguang Electronic Co., Ltd. (002801.SZ)
50 Shenzhen Kaizhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (002823.SZ)
51 Shenzhen Megmeet Electrical Co., Ltd. (002851.SZ)
52 SMS Electric Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou. (002857.SZ)
53 Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co., Ltd. (300001.SZ)
54 Beijing Dinghan Technology Co., Ltd. (300011.SZ)
55 Wuhan Zhongyuan Huadian Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (300018.SZ)
56 Jinlong Machinery & Electronic Co., Ltd. (300032.SZ)
57 Harbin Jiuzhou Electrical Co., Ltd. (300040.SZ)
58 Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd. (300048.SZ)
59 Ceepower Co., Ltd. (300062.SZ)
60 Zhejiang Narada Power Source Co., Ltd. (300068.SZ)
61 Zhejiang Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. (300069.SZ)
62 Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd. (300105.SZ)
63 Tianjin Jingwei Electric Wire Co., Ltd. (300120.SZ)
64 Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd. (300124.SZ)
65 Suzhou Industrial Park Heshun Electric Co., Ltd. (300141.SZ)
66 Qingdao Hengshun Zhongsheng Group Co., Ltd. (300208.SZ)
67 Csg Smart Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (300222.SZ)
68 Jiangsu Tongguang Electronic Wire And Cable Co., Ltd. (300265.SZ)
69 Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. (300274.SZ)
70 Acrel Co., Ltd. (300286.SZ)
71 Shandong Zhongji Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (300308.SZ)
72 Motic (Xiamen) Electric Group Co., Ltd. (300341.SZ)
73 Zhejiang Yonggui Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. (300351.SZ)
74 Dan Dong Xin Tai Electric Co., Ltd. (300372.SZ)
75 East Group Co., Ltd. (300376.SZ)
76 Tianjin Keyvia Electric Co., Ltd. (300407.SZ)
77 Shandong Luyitong Intelligent Electric Plc. (300423.SZ)
78 Beijing SOJO Electric Co., Ltd. (300444.SZ)
79 Nanjing Quanxin Cable Technology Co., Ltd. (300447.SZ)
80 Saimo Electric Co., Ltd. (300466.SZ)
81 Beijing Hezong Science&Technology Co., Ltd. (300477.SZ)
82 Hangzhou Gaoxin Rubber & Plastic Materials Co., Ltd. (300478.SZ)
83 Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. (300484.SZ)
84 HNAC Technology Co., Ltd. (300490.SZ)
85 Shijiazhuang Tonhe Electronics Technologies Co., Ltd. (300491.SZ)
86 Guangzhou Goaland Energy Conservation Technology Corporation Limited (300499.SZ)
87 Jilin Jinguan Electric Co., Ltd. (300510.SZ)
88 Shenyu Communication Technology Inc. (300563.SZ)
89 Inventronics (Hangzhou), Inc. (300582.SZ)
90 Suplet Power Co., Ltd. (300593.SZ)
91 Changshu Ruite Electric Co., Ltd. (300600.SZ)
92 Jiangsu Ankura Smart Transmission Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (300617.SZ)
93 Huarui Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (300626.SZ)
94 TBEA Co., Ltd. (600089.SH)
95 Jiangsu Etern Co., Ltd. (600105.SH)
96 Nuode Investment Co., Ltd. (600110.SH)
97 Guizhou Changzheng Tiacheng Holding Co., Ltd. (600112.SH)
98 Lanzhou Great Wall Electrical Co., Ltd. (600192.SH)
99 Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. (600268.SH)
100 Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd. (600312.SH)
101 Shaanxi Baoguang Vacuum Electronic Apparatus Co., Ltd. (600379.SH)
102 Beijing Dynamic Power Co., Ltd. (600405.SH)
103 NARI Technology Development Co., Ltd. (600406.SH)
104 Tianjin Benefo Tejing Electric Co., Ltd. (600468.SH)
105 Shanghai Zhixin Electric Co., Ltd. (600517.SH)
106 Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., Ltd. (600550.SH)
107 Tongling Jingda Special Magnet Wire Co., Ltd. (600577.SH)
108 Tellhow Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. (600590.SH)
109 Chongqing Wanli New Energy Co., Ltd. (600847.SH)
110 Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd.(600869.SH)
111 Baosheng Science And Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. (600973.SH)
112 Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd. (601126.SH)
113 China XD Electric Co., Ltd. (601179.SH)
114 Shanghai Guangdian Electric Group Co., Ltd. (601616.SH)
115 Zhejiang Chint Electrics Co., Ltd. (601877.SH)
116 Wuxi New Hongtai Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. (603016.SH)
117 Sichuan Star Cable Co., Ltd. (603333.SH)
118 Ningbo Orient Wires & Cables Co., Ltd. (603606.SH)
119 Hangzhou Cable Co., Ltd. (603618.SH)
120 PNC Process Systems Co., Ltd. (603690.SH)
121 Zhejiang Shengyang Science And Technology Co., Ltd. (603703.SH)
122 Changzhou Shenli Electrical Machine Incorporated Company (603819.SH)
123 Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. (603861.SH)

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