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New Policy of Automobile Industry Would Be Implemented in Vietnam from Jan.1, 2018

According to CRI’s information from the Vietnamese government, the new policy of automobile production and sales would be implemented in Vietnam from Jan. 1, 2018.

Import of Condoms in China Up by 65.8% YOY from Jan. to Nov. 2017

The total imported value of condoms in China reached USD 220.85 million, up by 65.8% YOY, from January to November, 2017. According to CRI’s analysis on data from China Customs, major sources of imported condoms in China were Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan.

Export Value of Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industry Exceeded USD 30 Billion , 2017

According to market research by CRI, some Chinese textile and garment enterprises invest in Vietnam in order to enter ASEAN markets in consideration of the globalization distribution of enterprises.

Export Value of Coffee from Vietnam Reached USD 3.21 Billion, 2017

Vietnam is also one of the global exporters of instant coffee. According to CRI, instant coffee produced in Vietnam such as Brand "G7", of which the sales volume has increased more than 10 times in recent 10 years, has become one of major competitors in Chinese market.

Analysis on Theme Park Industry in China

China ranks the first in the world in the number of visitors and in the amount of consumption both home and abroad.

Status Quo of China Robot System Integration Industry

According to the relevant data, by September, 2014, there had been 428 Chinese robotic enterprises and the system integrators accounted for 88% of these enterprises.

Status Quo and Investment of China Optical Communication Industry

As cloud computing develops rapidly, the demand for large-bandwidth IDC drives the rapid growth of optical communication.

Status Quo and Forecast of Express Delivery Industry in China, 2017

The express delivery business volume will reach 50 billion pieces and the revenue will be CNY 800 billion in 2020, and the corresponding CAGR of business volume and revenue is 19% and 24% respectively.

Statistics of Import and Export of Valve Parts in China

The import value of valve parts from Jan to Mar, 2017 was USD 289.13 million in China, up by 26.97% YOY.

Several Trends of the B2C E-commerce Development in the Future

The market competition of national e-commerce turns to be fierce; while the global and countryside markets still remain to be exploited.

Reliable Ranking of Global Top 10 Shipbuilding Companies

Recently, the list of top 10 shipbuilding companies in terms of sales revenue was released by the press. It shows that the top 5 shipyards are from South Korea, China and Japan, indicating the trend of the global shipbuilding industry.

Prospect of Global Drone (UAV) Market, 2017

With the forecast in 2017, production and sales volumes of drones would have a substantial increase to 3 million, up by 39% YOY. The global market revenue was predicted to reach USD 6 billion(around CNY 41.2 billion), up by 34% YOY.